Full Moon Scimitar -translation (Updated thread)

Chapter 11- A Wall of Two Sabers

*(shuāng-two; dāo-sabers; hé-equal to, add up to; bì-wall)

Xie Xiaoyu was only seventeen this year, like a beautiful flower in the prime of life.

What sixteen-year-old (sic) girl would want to die?

She didn’t want to die either.

But when the time came that she had to die, she was not afraid of dying.

Because she was the daughter of Xie Xiaofeng.

The blood of Xie Xiaofeng ran through her veins. The sword that she drew was the Xie family’s Divine Sword.

It was a killing sword. Whether it was killing another person or killing oneself, it was just as fast.

But the sword did not pierce her heart.

Because Ding Peng’s saber was even faster.

Saber light flashed and the sword in her hand flew up in the air. With a ‘duo’ sound, it stuck into the beam of the Water Pavilion, like a nail into a block of tofu. The one chi (foot) three cun (inch) long blade had completely sunk into the granite-like solid beams that had been specially imported from Liuzhou*.
*(Liǔzhōu-Liuzhou prefecture level city in Guangxi)

Xie Xiaoyu was also shocked by the power of this saber. It was quite some time before she was able to sadly ask, “I must die, why won’t you let me die?”

Ding Peng said, “You don’t deserve to die, nor must you die!”

Xie Xiaoyu regarded him, very complex emotions showed in her beautiful eyes. Was it admiration, or gratitude?

Even though the saber strike had jolted the sword from her hand, it had nevertheless conquered her heart.

What sixteen-year-old girl doesn’t admire a hero?

Madam Tie Yan looked at her, then at Ding Peng. She suddenly laughed grimly and said, “Now I understand!”

Ding Peng asked, “What do you understand?”

Madam Tie Yan said, “If I want to kill Xie Xiaoyu, I must first kill you.”

Ding Peng’s reply was short and affirmative, “Yes!”

Madam Tie Yan once again narrowed her eyes, looking at the saber in Ding Peng’s hand, she said, “It seems like it won’t be easy if I want to kill you.”

Ding Peng said “Probably not too easy!”

“Your saber seems to be curved,” she said.

“It seems to be slightly curved.”

Madam Tie Yan said, “There hasn’t been someone who uses a scimitar in jianghu for nearly thirty years.”

“But my neck is straight,” said Ding Peng. “Just as straight as anyone else’s, just as capable of being cut off.”

“Nor has anyone in jianghu seen our Swallows Flying in Pairs’ Wall of Two Sabers for nearly thirty years.”

“Will I be able to see it today?” asked Ding Peng.


“Of those who see your Swallows Flying in Pairs’ Wall of Two Sabers, surely not many will survive?

Madame Tie Yan said, “There doesn’t seem to be even one.”"

Ding Peng smiled and said, “But today, I might let you make an exception this once.”

She also smiled, “I hope you can allow us to make an exception this once as well.” She turned around and was suddenly by her husband’s side. Amazingly, she was still as agile as a young girl.

Elder Tie Yan still hadn’t moved or showed any expression, but there was suddenly a saber in his hand.

His saber was also just as thin as a cicada’s wing, it seemed as if it was transparent.

His saber was even longer.

Everyone was backing away. They withdrew quite some distance. They had all felt the murderous aura of that saber.

Madam Tie Yan suddenly whispered, “That saber of his is curved!”

Elder Tie Yan said, “We’ve killed people who use scimitars before.”

“Because once those people’s scimitars came out,” Madam Tie Yan said, “they chopped straight down.”

“There is only one exception,” said Elder Tie Yan.

She said, “Fortunately he is no that person.”

“Fortunately he is not,” he agreed.

What they said seemed meaningless to others.

Others couldn’t make sense of what they were saying.

Ding Peng understood.

What was frightening about this saber was the saber itself.

When the scimitar strikes, it must hack straight down. No matter how curved something is, when it falls, it must come straight down.

This was the law* of objects, no one could change it.
*(a scientific law, iow the laws of physics)

But Ding Peng’s saber technique changed this law, because his saber technique was not of the mortal world.

His saber technique was a ‘fox’ saber technique.

Why had the Tie Yan couple said there is only one exception on earth? Did this person also have the magical powers of a ‘fox’, who could change the law of objects with this clever force?

Who was this person?

Ding Peng didn’t have the chance to think anymore. Because saber light had flashed before his eyes, saber light more dazzling than lightning.

Swallows Flying in Pairs, Wall of Two Sabers.

They definitely started as two people, two sabers, but at this moment it seemed like the two people become one person, that the two sabers had suddenly become one saber.

This was also the law of objects.

If the force of one of Madam Tie Yan’s strikes was five hundred catties (pounds), the force of Elder Tie Yan’s strike was also five hundred catties.

Thus their two sabers striking together should have the force of a thousand catties.

But there are some people in this world that can use an ingenious method to change this law.

Their Wall of Two Sabers actually doubled their power. What should have been a thousand catties of force, actually increased to two thousand catties.

With the force doubled, the speed would naturally double as well.

That still wasn’t the most frightening thing about ‘Swallows Flying in Pairs’.

In the Wall of Two Sabers, the two sabers clearly became one, yet they seemed to strike from two different directions.

They’re obviously chopping at your right side, but if you dodge to the left, you still can’t get out of the way.

If you dodge to the right, you still can’t get out of the way.

In other word’s, if their ‘Swallows Flying in Pairs, Wall of Two Sabers’ strikes, you simply can’t get out the way.

Of course, you have even less chance of fending it off.

The Wall of Two Sabers, blended seamlessly into one. There was no flaw at all.

Of course, you could never break it.

So they had never missed with this strike. They believed this time would be no exception.

In the very instant their saber light flashed, Ding Peng’s saber also struck.

When the scimitar strikes, it will also strike straight.

Ding Peng seemed to be no exception. When his saber struck, it seemed to be straight.

But this perfectly straight strike, suddenly flashed with a curved blade light.

Swallows Flying in Pairs sabers were made of steel refined hundreds of times, the blades razor-sharp, the saber light as bright as lightning.

Ding Peng’s saber was just a very ordinary saber.

But when this curved saber light flashed, the lightning-like saber light of the Swallow Double Saber suddenly lost its color.

The Wall of Two Sabers, the two become one. Blended seamlessly into one, there was absolutely no flaw.

But suddenly this curved saber light actually arced in between them, and slashed into the center of their saber light.

No one could see how this strike was penetrated. They only heard a ‘ding’ sound.

There was only a faint sound and this saber light that was as bright as lightning suddenly vanished.

The curved saber light, however, was still there, curving back again.

Then all light disappeared, all sound stopped, all movement ceased.

The world suddenly became deathly still.

Ding Peng was still sanding there as calmly as he had been moments before, as if he had not moved at all.

But blood was dripping from the tip of the saber in his hand.

The Tie Yan couple was also still standing there motionless, the sabers still in their hands, as if nothing had changed either.

But there were saber marks on their faces and wrists, curved saber marks, curved like a crescent moon.

Blood slowly oozed out of their wounds, quite weakly at first.

Their faces looked like nothing had changed, except they had slightly bewildered look, like the uneasy look of a person who had suddenly seen something they couldn’t comprehend.

But everything suddenly changed in a shocking way.

The faint crescent-shaped saber marks suddenly burst open. The flesh on their faces was like corn in a hot pan that suddenly split open*, revealing white bone.
*(IOW-a popcorn kernel popping, it’s suddenly white.)

The sabers in their hands suddenly fell as well, along with the hands that were holding them.

But their wasn’t even a hint of pain on their faces, because fear caused them to ignore even pain like this.

No one could describe the fear that was in their eyes.

Even when everyone had just seen them suddenly cut someone in half, they weren’t as scared as they were right now.

Their fear actually seemed to have surpassed the limits of fear.

What they feared was not the man who could subdue them with a single strike. They feared the saber in his hand.

This curved saber.

The saber was not frightening.

If someone is afraid of a saber, it is usually because they fear the person using the saber, fear his saber technique. They fear he will kill them with it.

But they actually feared this saber.

It was as if the saber itself carried a fear that could rend their souls.

Not only did this fear make them forget their pain, it also inspired within them a singular capacity to live.

So even though the flesh on their faces had burst open, even though one of their hands had been cut off, they had not fallen down.

It was as if they did even know that they had been injured, didn’t even know their hands had been cut off.

This fear was like two invisible hands wrapped around everyone’s throats.

No one made a sound. No one could even breathe.

The first to speak was actually the one that rarely spoke, Elder Tie Yan. He hadn’t taken his eyes off the saber in Ding Peng’s hand, when he suddenly said, “You use a scimitar.”

Ding Peng said, “It’s slightly curved.”

Elder Tie Yan said, “Not just slightly, you are using a true scimitar.”


“In heaven and on earth, throughout the ages,” Elder Tie Yan said, “only one person is able to use this type of saber.”


“You are not that person.”

“Of course I’m not,” said Ding Peng. “I am me.”

“The saber you use is also not his saber.”

“It is my saber of course.”

“There are no words on this blade of yours,” stated Elder Tie Yan.

He had been staring at the blade for quite some time. His eyes were keener than an eagle’s.

“Should there be words on this saber?” asked Ding Peng.

“There should be seven.”

“Which seven?”

Elder Tie Yan spoke one word at a time, “Listening to the Spring Rain All Night in the Small House” Listening to the spring rain all night in the small house.

These seven words were indeed on Qing Qing’s scimitar.

These seven words were originally nothing more than a verse from a poem, a poem of very beautiful artistic conception, which carried a sense of lingering melancholy, and heartbreaking beauty.

But when Elder Tie Yan spoke these seven words, there was only fear in his voice.

It was a fear bordering on awe.

A kind of awe that humans only developed when confronted by gods or ghosts.

However, there was nothing even remotely frightening about this line of poetry.

Ding Peng once again recalled that golden-robed, long-bearded old man he had seen the first time he met Qing Qing.

When he spoke this line of poetry, his voice seemed to carry the same emotion as Elder Tie Yan.

Why did they have such an unusual reaction to this very ordinary line of poetry?

Was there some mysterious connection between the two of them?

How could they know this line of poetry was on Qing Qing’s scimitar?

Elder Tie Yan asked once again, “Have you heard these seven words before?”

Ding Peng said, “I’ve heard it. This is a well-known verse from a long famous poem.”

“Do you know the meaning of these seven words?” asked Elder Tie Yan.

“I know.”

Elder Tie Yan’s eyes lit up again as he asked, “You really know?”

Ding Peng said, “This means that one spring night, a lonely person sat alone in a small house, listening to the sound of spring rain all night.”

Elder Tie Yan kept shaking his head, “Wrong, wrong, completely wrong.”

“Is there some other meaning in this verse?” asked Ding Peng.

Elder Tie Yan said, “These seven words speak of a person.”


“A divine man unmatched under heaven, a divine saber unmatched under heaven.” He was shaking his head again, “No, no, there’s no way you could possibly know this person!”

Ding Peng asked, “How do you know I couldn’t possibly know him?

“Because he has long since left the world of the living. He had already left this world before you were even born.”


Elder Tie Yan said, “In heaven or on earth, since ancient times, he alone could use that strike.”

Ding Peng said, “It seems there is another person besides him.”


Ding Peng said, “Me.”

Elder Tie Yan heaved a long sigh and said, “Right. Besides him, there is also you. Who the hell are you? How are you able to use that move?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“You must tell me,” said Elder Tie Yan. “As long as you tell me, I am willing to die.”

Ding Peng said, “I can kill still you without saying.”

“You cannot kill me.”

“Why not?”

Elder Tie Yan said, “Not only can’t you kill me, no one under heaven can kill me!” He still had one hand.

He suddenly withdrew a dark black iron medallion, held it up high and shouted, “Do you see what this is?” It was merely an iron medallion, that’s all. Ding Peng really couldn’t see anything special about it.

Nangong Huashu’s expression had changed, however. His eyes were immediately full of wonder and awe, like a god-fearing man suddenly seeing his god.

Elder Tie Yan said, “You must know what this is.”

Nangong Huashu unexpectedly admitted, “I know. Of course I know.”

Elder Tie Yan said, “Speak!”

Nangong Huashu said, “It is the Iron Tablet of Immunity from Death, universally recognized by the heroes of the world in the past. The combined fame of Divine Sword Villa, the Three Great Clans in jianghu, the Seven Major Sword Sects and the Four Great Noble Families demands that all the world’s heroes acknowledge it. As long as one has the Decree of Immunity From Death, no matter what he does, the world’s heroes will spare him from death.”

Sun Fuhu said harshly, “It’s a fake. It must be a fake!”

Nangong Huashu said, “It’s definitely not fake. It’s absolutely not fake.”

Sun Fuhu said, “Divine Sword Villa and the Seven Major Sword Sects are mortal enemies of the Devil Cult. How could the Iron Tablet of Immunity From Death be in the hands of a Devil Cult Elder?”

“There is certainly a reason for this,” replied Nangong Huashu.

Sun Fuhu asked, “What’s the reason?”

“I can’t say,” Nangong Huashu said, “but I know this Iron Tablet is absolutely not fake.” He looked miserable as he said one word at a time, “If someone kills him today, they immediately become the mortal enemy of Divine Sword Villa, the Three Great Clans, the Seven Major Sword Sects and the Four Great Noble Families. He will undoubtedly die within seven says.” Having said this, his body rose up and he leapt out the window. He left without looking back.

Neither the Tie Yan couple nor Ding Peng stopped him. The others absolutely couldn’t block his way at all.

He crossed the ice pond in several leaps and bounds, then disappeared into the darkness.

He was afraid that someone would force him to reveal the secret, which was something he could never reveal.

Elder Tie Yan said, “I have killed countless times in my life. Now I still have one hand that can kill. If I don’t die today, sooner or later, each and every person here will die under my saber. You are going to be very scared and on edge every day and every night, to guard against me killing you. When you awaken from a deep sleep, who can say if you will have become headless ghosts*.” He spoke very slowly, one word at a time. Each word seemed to carry an ominous curse.
*(It actually says yuān- injustice, grievance, wrong; guǐ-ghost. IOW the ghost of someone who died unjustly or with a grievance.)

Everyone took in what he was saying one word at time and the hair on their entire bodies stood up.

Everyone knew that he was definitely a man who could do what he said he was going to do.

Elder Tie Yan said, “So you should not let me leave this place alive today. It’s just a pity that you can’t kill me either.” No one could deny this point. Nor did anyone dare to make an enemy of the Divine Sword Villa and the Seven Major Sword Sects.

He went on, “But I can kill myself.” He was staring at Ding Peng, “As long as you tell me how you were able to use that strike, I will die here and now.” He was actually willing to trade his own life for this secret.

How did Ding Peng develop his sword technique? What does this have to do with him? Why must he know?

Everyone wanted Ding Peng to talk.

Everyone was curious. This matter had peaked their curiosity.

They all hoped Tie Yan would die soon.

Elder Tie Yan asked, “Will you speak or not?”

Ding Peng said, “I won’t say!”

His answer was simple and straightforward, like a nail.

Elder Tie Yan asked firmly, “You really won’t speak?”

Ding Peng casually said, “You can’t kill me. I, however, can kill you at any time. I will spare your life today. But in the future, if you ever again kill anyone else, I’ll take your life.” He went on slowly, “This piece of Iron Tablet of Immunity From Death can only save you once. I guarantee that next time, nobody will be able to save you. Even if Divine Sword Villa’s Master Xie is present, I will kill you without discussion.” He also spoke these words very slowly, one word at a time. Everyone could feel the unbelievable power carried within each word, an irresistible power.

In that instant, this gentle young man suddenly seemed to become a ten-foot-tall giant.

Xie Xiaoyu had that complicated look in her eyes again.

The look in Elder Tie Yan’s eyes was completely different from hers, as if there was a poisonous fire, a poisonous blade, a poisonous snake and a poisonous curse cursed by all the demons and ghosts in heaven or on earth.

Ding Peng said, “I advise you to leave now!”

Elder Tie Yan said, “I’m certainly going to leave, but there is something I must tell you.”

“Say it!”

“No matter where you learned that saber strike, it will inevitably bring you endless misfortune.” His eyes were even more poisonous, “Even if you can use that strike to move about the world unopposed, disaster will always follow you, every day and every night. It will always follow you. Even if you can trade on that strike for a reputation as unmatched under heaven, you will inevitably live a life of misery and sorrow, then die broken-hearted.” He suddenly turned his face to the sky and screamed fiercely, “With all the gods and demons and evil spirits in heaven and on earth as witness, this is your destiny in life!” This was his poisonous curse.

The cold blew like a tempest across the ice pond. Who knew how many demons and evil spirits there were in the darkness, listening to this poisonous curse of his.

Then the couple plunged into this darkness that was thicker than poisoned blood, and into the demons.

Ding Peng had been quietly listening all along. He still seemed to be quite serene and calm.

Xie Xiaoyu suddenly rushed over, took his hand and said, “You mustn’t listen to their ghost talk*.” Her hands were ice-cold, yet her voice was as gentle as spring water, “Don’t believe a word of this ghost talk.”
*(guǐ huà-lit. ‘ghost words (talk)’- lie; false words; nonsense)

Ding Peng was silent. After a while he slowly said, “Sometimes ghost talk* comes true!” Xie Xiaoyu’s hands were even colder, shivering cold.

Ding Peng was looking at her. He suddenly laughed and said, “I don’t believe a single word of what they say, because they are not speaking ghost words*. They are humans, not ghosts.”

Her voice was even gentler, “Even if they really are ghosts, I believe you’re unlikely to be afraid of them. I think that there is nothing in heaven or on earth that can make you afraid.” What could make a man’s heart race more than a sixteen-year-old girl’s singing the praises of a hero?

And this man happened to be the hero she was praising.

Is there anything in the world that makes a man feel prouder than the wholehearted trust of an innocent maiden?

And she was a stunningly beautiful maiden at that.

But Ding Peng didn’t revel in it.

Although he was a man, he was different from the common class of men.

He had a ‘fox wife’, Qing Qing. She looked as beautiful and innocent as Xie Xiaoyu.

The innocent trust and silent praise in Qing Qing’s eyes were far greater than what Xie Xiaoyu could express with words.

Not only had he seen much of this sort of thing, he seemed to have grown somewhat tired of it.

Besides, he still had a secret pain in his heart.

This was Liu Ruosong’s wife. That so-called ridiculous* woman, that lowly bitch.
*(remember the name she gave him was Kexiao-ridiculous)

It was just this kind of artless innocent maiden that had deceived him and damaged his noble sentiments.

Thus, the smile on his face suddenly froze, as did his voice. He coldly let go of Xie Xiaoyu’s hand and coldly said, “Are you really Xie Xiaofeng’s daughter?” Xie Xiaoyu looked at him in shock. She did not know what caused this man to become so cold and indifferent.

She only replied in terror, “I am…yes!”

Ding Peng said even more coldly, “But people say Xie Xiaofeng doesn’t have a daughter.”

Xie Xiaoyu laughed, “Vey little is known of my father’s actions. Even fewer people come to Divine Sword Villa, so how can anyone else know?”

Ding Peng said, “The world-famous Third Young Master of the Xie Family naturally disdains to associate with commoners.”

Xie Xiaoyu suddenly understood. She smiled and said, “Are you angry because my father didn’t accept your invitation?”

“I don’t dare. I only sent him an invitation in passing. I didn’t really think he was going to come.”

“You’ll have to forgive him for that. For many years now, my father has politely refused to exchange toasts. He has even avoided his old friends of many years.” Her face was dimpled once more with an innocent smile, “But I wanted to come and he didn’t forbid me. Not only that, he even asked Shang Zhen and Tian Yifei to protect me. This clearly shows that he respects you as a person.”

Ding Peng said, “He should respect me, because not only did the people he sent to protect you not protect you, they caused trouble instead. Instead it was me, the one that he looked down on, who didn’t worry about offending the two Devil Cult Elders that others are afraid of seeing, and saved his daughter from Iron Swallow Flying in Pairs.”

Xie Xiaoyu’s eyes were radiant, she said, “Not only did you save me, you even defeated Iron Swallows Flying in Pairs. When my father finds out, he will certainly think you quite extraordinary. Of course he will be very grateful to you.”

Ding Peng said coolly, “If he is grateful to me, he owes me thanks. If he thinks I count as passable, he owes me a duel.”

Xie Xiaoyu was dumbstruck, “You are seeking a duel with my father?”

Ding Peng sneered, “Ever since the Third Young Master of The Xie Family made his debut in jianghu, he scoured the world for famous swordsmen to duel. He defeated every opponent, and brought about the outstanding reputation of Divine Sword Villa.”

“The name of Divine Sword Villa did not start with my father,” she said hastily.

“But your ancestors were not as famous as your esteemed father. He defeated others to become famous, so he has no right to refuse the challenges of others.”

“My father will not duel you because you are not a famous swordsman.” She seemed to feel these words were inappropriate and quickly went on, “Even if you were a brilliant swordsman, he still would not duel with you. Ever since he finally compared swords with Yan Shisan*, he no longer duels.”
*[These events happened in ‘Sword of the Third Young Master’.]

Although shopkeeper Xie was the only one to witness the final fight between Xie Xiaofeng and Yan Shisan, he was not a talkative person and never told anyone about the outcome of the fight.

But everyone knew Xie Xiaofeng lost that fight.

But this hadn’t affected the great fame of Xie Xiaofeng’s invincible Divine Sword, nor had it affected the prestige* of Divine Sword Villa.
*(Wēimíng- fame for fighting prowess; military glory)

A swordsman will inevitably experience defeat once or twice. There is no shame in defeat, especially since the winner of that fight, Yan Shisan, killed himself instead.

He killed himself in order to destroy the sword that defeated Xie Xiaofeng.

Because it was the most evil, murderous sword between heaven and earth, it did not belong to the human world.

Yan Shisan died and took that sword with him, so Xie Xiaofeng was still the unrivalled supreme swordsman on earth.

Xie Xiaofeng himself said as much to a few friends afterwards.

Those who could be considered friends by Xie Xiaofeng were naturally those who enjoyed great honor in wulin.

Therefore, when they related these words, no one would doubt them.

But Ding Peng was clearly not satisfied with this explanation.

He sneered, “Your esteemed father’s sword has killed many experts. Not all of them used swords, so he has no reason to refuse the challenge of my scimitar.” Xie Xiaoyu didn’t know how to respond. Ding Peng obviously didn’t expect a response. He went on coldly, “Go back and tell your esteemed father that I will wait for him for ten days. Within that ten day, he will come himself to express his thanks and apologize, perhaps we can become friends…” This statement made everyone go pale, because he spoke so rashly.

Xie Xiaofeng hadn’t had many friends in his life. It could be said that he didn’t have a single friend. This was not only because he was unsociable*, but also because he was the world’s greatest* invincible swordsman.
*(luò luò guǎ jiāo-aloof and as a result friendless (idiom))
*(tiān xià dì yī-first under heaven; number one in the country)

His sword was divine among swords. He was a god among men.

A man who is standing atop the highest peak will inevitably be lonely.

But nor did anyone dare to say that befriending Xie Xiaofeng was a chore*, a kind of charity that degrades one’s honor.
*(miǎn qiang-to do with difficulty; to force sb to do sth; reluctant; barely enough)

But Ding Peng actually said it and nobody thought he was too crazy.

They all saw Ding Peng’s strike cut off the wrists of the Devil Cult’s Iron Swallow Flying in Pairs, although they hadn’t seen the saber. Some of them hadn’t even seen anything. They had only seen the Iron Swallows Flying in Pairs’ sabers fall down and their hands fall off.

But there was no doubt that it was one strike, one move.

Although no one there had seen Xie Xiaofeng use his sword, they dared not say for sure that Xie Xiaofeng’s Divine Sword could accomplish this.

So Ding Peng was qualified to say this.

So no one was too shocked by what Ding Peng said next.

Ding Peng said, “If after ten days, he hasn’t come, this shows he intends to fight me! I will then take my saber and go call on him out at Divine Sword Villa!”

Xie Xiaoyu swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said with difficulty, “Ding…Ding Gongzi, Ding Daxia*, with regard to this matter, I…”
*(gōng zǐ-young master (honorific); dà xiá-knight; swordsman; noble warrior; chivalrous hero)

Ding Peng cut her off, “You just need to bring these words back to him. Now, I’m sure nobody can harm you anymore, so you can go.” With that, he turned and walked away, heading towards the back. He left behind a houseful of guests, as well as an isolated and helpless Xie Xiaoyu.

The neatly dressed servants began to clear away the banquet.

Even though the meal was only halfway through, only a few dishes had been served, the banquet at Full Moon Villa was ended.

Liu Ruosong stood at the door in his capacity as disciple, seeing the visitors out, politely saluting each person and saying a few meaningless words.

Most of them ignored him.

Liu Ruosong had once been a popular figure, but at the moment he seemed to have been erased from people’s memories.

But Liu Ruosong didn’t seem to care one bit about the indifference of others. His face wore a constant smile, politely and warmly greeting each individual, whether he knew them or not.

He seemed quite content with his new status.

Being Ding Peng’s disciple seemed more glorious than being his former great hero, lord of the manor self.

He was not a great man, but without a doubt, he was a very rare man.

For thousands of years, there has only been this one.

“Fortunately there is only this one!”

This was what everyone who was leaving Full Moon Villa thought of Liu Ruosong. There was actually a hint of respect in their contempt.

Everyone says a great man can bend and stretch*.
*(dà zhàng fu néng qū néng shēn-A leader can submit or can stand tall as required.; ready to give and take; flexible)

They had seen Liu Ruosong feeling proud and elated, high and mighty, and insufferably arrogant*. But they never thought Liu Ruosong would humiliate himself like he was now.
*(bù kě yī shì-lit. ‘not but one in the world’; to consider oneself unexcelled in the world; to be insufferably arrogant)

“Could a man like Liu Ruosong really himself from now on and continue to be humiliated forever?” The answer was a resounding*, absolutely not.
*(**qiān piān yī lǜ-**thousand articles, same rule (idiom); stereotyped and repetitive; once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all)

“This man is more frightening than the Third Young Master, Divine Sword Xie Xiaofeng and the newly-emerged* Devil+ Saber Ding Peng.” This is what eighty percent of them thought in their heart.
*(jué qǐ-to rise abruptly (to a towering position); to tower over; to spring up; to emerge suddenly; the emergence (e.g. of a power))
+(-devil; magic. I use devil because of the Devil Cult and it is like an opposite of the Divine (shén-divine, god) sword.)

The other twenty percent felt nauseous after leaving Liu Ruosong.

But they didn’t actually vomit, because they hadn’t ate much at Full Moon Villa.

But they were all quite satisfied, deeply pleased that the trip had been worthwhile. The reward of the banquet was not the food, even though the dishes served by Ding Peng were all exceedingly rare and precious dishes prepared by famous chefs.

But none of them knew what they tasted like.

Their stomachs were full of tension and excitement.

Everyone was satisfied. Even those who had died at Full Moon Villa were no exception.

Even when Ding Gongzi buried the dead, he once again showed off his luxurious flair*.
*(shǒu bǐ- tyle shown in spending money, handling business etc)

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