Anyone else annoyed by the popularity of progression oriented "wuxia"?

There are lots of places for “wuxia” online…but most of them seem not to be about wuxia at all! This has been very annoying to me, as a lover of more classic wuxia. I suppose this “wuxia” is generally xianxia or huanxia, but it is annoying that a place called “wuxia world,” for example, is…completely devoid of actual wuxia!

I’m not saying people can’t like what they like, but it’s just sad because there is so much incredible classic wuxia that goes under the radar because it’s lumped in with the endless amounts of progression wish fulfillment power fantasy garbage being produced…

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IMO most of the xianxia and the likes were riding on the popularity of the wuxia keyword before they became popular. They are good subgenres but should be differentiated from classic wuxia. Sad but we try to be the bastion of wuxia in the ever-changing internet.

since you clearly love the good stuff, I’m curious what you think are the best works in the subgenres? I’ve wanted to give xianxia etc a try but there seems to be so. Much. Garbage. Would be curious to know what the cream of the crop is<

I don’t think there are any that comes close to the classic wuxia. I enjoyed Fights Break Sphere and Martial Universe.

I don’t like xianxia. I like classic wuxia.

I wonder if this progression is due to the fan’s obsession with gaming and levelling up.

What is the progression oriented WUXIA?

I normal read all kind of novels. I don’t care much about the genres. If the first few chapters capture me, I normally continue til the end. What’s to annoy about? It is as easy as “stop reading”, then find something that is more fun to read.


Basically stories that focus on how the protagonist levels up. Typically, they will reach a plateau and require some forms of stimulus or event to trigger a break through for them to advance further. Seems to be derived from games and targets gamers I feel.

So the characters level up and become stronger. These novels seem to focus a lot on that and character development takes a backseat.

b-b-but it is fun to read those… until it gets boring after the nth level…

Is the martial art in Ever Night - Wikipedia considered to be in this category? Or It is just pure Voodoo?

Yeah, this looks like Xianxia