Are male Jing Yong characters masochists?

Male characters in the Jin Yong novels seem to enjoy being mistreated or even tortured by female characters. Some spoilers below, be warned.

  • Linghu Chong was mistreated by Yue Lingshan. Even ended up being despised by her. Yet he bore no grudge against her.
  • Yang Guo was mistreated by Guo Fu, to the point of having his arm chopped off. Yet he still helped her.
  • Zhou Ziruo stabbed Zhang Wuji but he still had a soft spot for her when she was defeated.
  • A’zi tortured You Tanzi but he stuck with her and even gave up his eyes for her.

I don’t think they enjoy being mistreated. Rather the heroic men are expected to be more forgiving. They should be magnanimous and not bear a grudge against a girl.

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yeah I agree. It seems to be how men are expected to behave, especially if they are heroes.

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They don’t like being mistreated. Rather, they are forgiving.

Jin Yong seems to basically have two “types” as far as his ideal waifu is concerned, they’re either breathtaking ice queens (Xiao Long Nv, Wang Yuyan, Princess Fragrance) or mischievous tsundere (Huang Rong, Wen Qingqing, Ren Yingying, Zhao Min).

What other types are there that you think Jin Yong missed out? I can’t think of any :rofl:

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