Are there any other good wuxia communities?

This community seems focused on the exact sort of wuxia I like – real wuxia, classic wuxia – but it’s quite small. Sadly, bigger “wuxia” communities seem to all be focused on xianxia, and the endless parade of power fantasy web novel garbage. I’m curious what else might be out there, as I’m deeply in love with wuxia!

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The WuxiaSociety community keeps declining. It’s already shrunk when the old site died. Also, other sites like Wuxiapedia and Wuxia Forum have disappeared, either due to a lack of time or lack of interest from the people who maintained the sites. You can find some activity on the SPCnet forum but they seem to focus more on wuxia drama.

In any case, glad to have you here and do stick around our small community. We have to stick together and slowly grow or we’ll forever remain scattered.