Demi gods and semi devil

How come I cant read the rest of demi gods and semi devil? I could only read the first 11 chapters only :frowning:

I have yet to put up the translations. We are in the process of replacing older versions of DGSD with a newer translation.

Oh ok thank you for responding back. Do you know how long it might take and thank you for translating the novel for us people who really want to read it :smiley:

Also is it the 2nd edition or 3rd edition?

I believe the older translation is based on 2nd edition. I’m working with the 3rd edition but also trying to highlight changes made in the two editions. It is a long process because this is a personal project that I can only do when I have the time. I’ll try to put the older version on as well so you can at least continue with the story in the mean time.

Thank you so much!! And quick question have u read both editions and if so which one did u like better?

wow, there would be thousands of them if you really go into detail

Yeah, but it’s easy to pick out them out. I used a software to compare both editions to see the changes made.