DGSD English Translation

Is there a completed English Translation somewhere?


yes, it’s a little mess though because more than 10+ people translate the project in 17 years , some use 2nd edition , some use 3rd edition. when you read it from beginning to end, you will feel some stories cannot be interlinked

but at least you can read it in english

It’s a lot of chapters and a ton of words. I did a rough estimation once that it would span at least 3 to 5 English novels in English translations. Unfortunately, it is a long novel translated by volunteers for free.

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ooooh do a patreon! Let the community contribute!

I don’t want to be a wet blanket but what value do you add? How different is it from the existing translations that would make it worth the money spent?

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That’s a good question. For one, the existing work is done by many different authors and thus have different styles.

I have found some chapters have been translated into English here.



Yes, we link to SPC from our Translations page too.

I have completely edited the spent translation referenced above. I posted about it once before but I got side-tracked before I finished. It is done. I want to stress these are not my translations, I only edited them to give consistency to names & terminology and fixed grammar, verb tenses, etc. The original editors are all credited in the text.

Jenxi, I sent you a message with my email. If you send me a email I can send you the word doc.

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That’s great! Send it over and I’ll update the site.


The file is too big to attach here (4.1MB). I need an email to send it to. I sent a message with my email to (Contact - WuxiaSociety). If you send me an email I can attach the file to the reply.


Hi, you seem to have entered the wrong email. I’m unable to send an email to that address. Please send another message via the contact form. Thanks.

Jenxi, I re sent it.

there are 2 major differences in fans translation that make confusion.

first is the indian monk in shaolin, one translator use 2nd , the other use 3rd, so the indian monk never introduced but then suddenly join the crowd, but then suddenly disappear

the second is the palm exchanges story between xiao feng and 5 shaolin monks, when in shaolin, the abbot mentioned their past encounter just to test xiao feng , but that story never exist before because at that time the translator use 2nd edition.

The translation is done by different translators, hence the differences. And also there are three editions of the novels, so there’s also that to deal with.

+1 for a complete translation

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Thanks for the feedback


i see that admin jenxi not upload the ebook file to this site yet, have you sent the file to him?
please cc to tumiwa@gmail.com if you dont mind

Check your email. Sorry for the delay.

I don’t think I got the email. Please send it again in any chase @alfredlion

I started some translation of DGSD, picking up where I left off previously just for fun. I have dilemma now. Translating my version would be going through work that has already been done by others, albeit IMHO not accurate enough a translation and also not as coherent since different translators picked up the baton along the way.

The other option was to translate the chapters that need more TLC and improvement but that would just be adding to the mash of different styles. I’m leaning towards doing a fresh translation. In fact, I went back to look at my previous DGSD translation and cringed so badly that I actually edited it again, just for practice and to ensure I can sleep at night.

I would enter this endeavour if enough people are interested to read it from the start rather than just to read the full story to know what happened. What do you guys say?