Duan Yu character profile

I’ve added the first character profile. Since I’m working on DGSD, I thought I’d do a quick writeup for Duan Yu.

The structure of the content is more or less fixed. With some images I think it’ll be a good start, though it’s kind of hard to find good photos of the characters and the moves. Anyone with the videos on hand and keen to grab some high resolution screenshots?

Check it out: https://wuxiasociety.com/duan-yu/

Feedback is most welcome.

Look good, I like that bottom table section.

Only one peeves I have is the “Behind the scenes”, rather confusing when I read it. Although I do know that it is adaptations and actors name.

@ngocem Yeah not sure if it’s useful for most readers. We do have some drama fans here but other than that I don’t think it adds value to the article.

duan yu has shifu, name Meng Shusheng, but not Martial arts shifu, haha

That’s his laoshi :rofl: