Errors in translation text

Started reading the translation for legend of the condor heroes and just within the first 2 pages I already see errors. Sorry but have you even proof read your text? This is easily spotted and simple mistakes. Please fix. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Sarthy our translations here are contributed by volunteers in their free time. If you have a good eye for mistakes and have the time to spare, you can consider joining us as a proofreader to help correct the mistakes.

Sung and Song mean the same thing. Just different way of translating it. I think there were different translators for so there’s different versions of the same word. You should go and help with proofreading!

I have joined this community with the intention as helping as a proofreader. I don’t read or speak Chinese, but i have excellent English skills. How do I contribute as a proofreader?

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Glad to have you here. Have you read our translations?

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Yes, I’ve read most of the translations on the site and enjoyed them. There are places within the texts where minor errors could be cleaned up a bit. I found the link for translators, but not a resource for proofreaders.

What do you mean by the link for translators? You can send me an email via the contact page Contact - WuxiaSociety