Fave wuxia scene

I was talking to a friend about classic wuxia scenes and I was thinking of my fave scene: Zhang Wuji saving the Ming Sect at Brightness Peak.

What’s your unforgettable moment in wuxia? Drama or books, doesn’t matter.


Mine, too! I think this was done very well in the 2019 series!


I haven’t watched that. Have you watched other versions and compare how they portray it differently?

I remember it was very well-received when it aired.

When I was a kid, Linghu Chong learning new skills were pretty awesome moments.

I don’t think there’s a particular one that stands out for me. I can name a few but before I do, I think I should put a SPOILER ALERT here.

* Yang Guo’s hand being chopped off

* Xiao Feng striking Azhu

  • Linghu Chong meeting Ren Yingying