Giving credits to the original translators

Hello, I am foxs from, and a reader had just recommended a site, which has link to this site.

First of all, I am glad that you guys are promoting wuxia, hence you have my full support. However, what bothers me the most is that not only you altered the chapters title, you also do not give credit to the original translators. I only checked the ‘Condor Trilogy’ at random, since they are probably the most popular wuxia stories.

Please understand that we (the translators) are doing this for free, I do not recall receiving any request from Wuxia Society to post my work here. If you did, I would have gladly granted it. All I am asking is that you ask permission first, and please, if you want to alter anything, which I would totally understand, since different translators have different style/preference, but the least you could do is just let us know.

Best regards, and good luck!

Hey @foxs, it’s been a while. I requested permission from you on SPCNET back in 2013 regarding the posting your works here. And you graciously allowed us to share your work here.

On this topic: I have done a complete edit (am on the last chapter) of Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils from SPCNET. I tried to join but the site won’t allow me too (technical issue on the registration page). The original is the work of 13 translators and thus there is great variation in the translations-especially nicknames, names of skills & moves, places, etc. There were problems with grammar and verb tenses, pronouns, etc. I am not criticizing as I fully appreciate the hard work of all involved. I have spent several months editing the entire book. It is about three thousand pages (landscape, 2-column, Verdana 16) in Word. If you count each column as a page (like in e-pub) it’s about 6,000 pages. I matched all the verb tenses (past). I changed a lot of words to synonyms that read better in english. I DID NOTHING TO CHANGE THE AUTHOR"S INTENT (as far as I could determine). I also standardized character names and nicknames-i.e. Iron Faced Judge Shan Zheng was written as Stern Faced or Impartial Judge & Chan Zheng Dan Zheng, etc. AhZi, AhZhu etc were written as A Zi, A-Zi, Ah Zi, A’Zi. If i wasn’t sure I generally went by the wiki entry at the top of the post. It now reads much easier.

I wanted to post in @SPCNET but as I said it’s not possible on my own. I would like to post it to repay all the joy I’ve gotten from reading these stories. I also have others I have edited (though not as thoroughly). I have credited all the translators in the text itself (they are listed under each chapter title (some of which I took from here) as well as the title page). If anyone has an account from SPCNET reads this could you post to ask permission to post it here? Or I will gladly send the word file to someone who can post it there. I also plan on trying to do an e-pub (though I usually just do pdfs).

My intention is simply to repay the joy I’ve gotten from these stories and spread the love of Wuxia.

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@alfredlio We need more people who think this way. While I understand the commercial needs of official translations to cater to the different cultures, it is important to preserve the author’s meanings for Wuxia fans. These weird name translations are nothing compared to how the official translations butchered the names.

If you are keen to share your edits, please get in touch with me and let’s see how we can update the translations on WuxiaSociety.