HSDS adaption, ZM was to be executed

There is a scene in some TV adaptations of HSDS where Zhao Min was to be executed by her father. From what I read in the translation on this site, there was no such scene.

I wonder if these adaptations were following certain edition of the novel, or it was what they added by themselves.


The scenes are not from the books. They are TV adaptations to suit the roles given to the actors/actresses. Another example is in Laughing Proudly at the World where there was an adaptation where a male character was portrayed by an actress, so the character became a woman disguised as a male.

That’s the problem with TV adaptations. Hard see those that are true to the source. They have their own interpretations of the stories.

That was good and bad. I like the actress but Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai in love?? That was a real bummer

Yes, that was refreshing but at the same time frustrating for me. I make videos and I understand that it’s very different ways of getting the readers/viewers hooked and keep them invested. But this is just too much…

@Jenxi @flyingdagger

A friend told me about it as well. I went on Youtube and watched a few episodes and could not stand watching it. Though the actresses who played Dongfang Bubai and Ren YingYing were really cute, compared to other adaptations. When I read a novel, my brain generates images of the scenes and characters which are different from its TV or movies adaptation. So I have many adaptations to dislike.

A few year ago, I was talking with a friend how I didn’t like the end of HSDS, he told me to write my own ending. So I tried writing it, a few chapters later, I wanted to see if anyone would read it. I posted it to some online forums to see feedbacks. Though, these forums are discussing mostly about TV series, I got quite a few emails telling me that I got the story wrong. For example, Zhao Min’s father should be death, but I have in my fanfic that he was alive. It turned out, it was from the 2019 adaptation which had Zhao Min’s father killed. So I thought, I might have missed something, because there are 3 editions of the novel.


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I’m not a fan of HSDS but it nice to see “fanfic” though. Keep it up.

Thanks for sharing! I think I’ll have to read HSDS again to try to understand the changes you made.

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