Introduce yourself!

Here’s something that’s a little long overdue: An introduction of our members.

Say something about yourself such as where you’re from and how you got into wuxia.

I’ll start the ball rolling. I’m from Malaysia, grew up in Singapore, and I’m now based in Shenzhen, China. I watched wuxia TV dramas and films since young, and we had some parts of Laughing Proudly at the World笑傲江湖 in our Chinese textbooks. I also read some of those books for book review assignment for Chinese language classes.

Fung Wan and the Legend of the Condor Heroes comics by Wee Tian Beng were the rage then. My peers and I were deep in the wuxia genre.

Now it’s your turn to share about yourself and how you got into wuxia.

Hi, I live in Sweden and as I’m only able to understand English I’m totally in the hands of the talented people who translate Chinese adventure stories into English. Big thank you!

I saw A Chinese Ghost Story in the early nineties when it was an art house foreign cinema showcase. Then I grew to like all kinds of wuxia and kung fu movies. Just a couple of years ago I finally found out that there were translations of some of the books these movies, like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon , was based on. I found and read The Seven Killers by Gu Long in Deathblade’s translation, and through him found more stories.

I am still quite fond of Gu Long and even though I’ve read a few stories by Jin Yong I have yet to read the big three Condor heroes books, even though I through the magic of PoD have them sitting in my bookshelf behind me as I type this. What I’d love to read are some of the older texts, like the ones that predates Jin Yong and Gu Long. I have devoured what I could find about the literary history of wuxia and now feel I know a bit about how it at fits in historically.

I am not very interested in xianxia, and tv serials I have not watched much. I find I can enjoy 2 hours of a movie, but the long format narrative of tv series just does not fit into my schedule. It’s just too slow. Some of it might be really good, but it’s not my thing. I did watch a few episodes of Laughing at the Wind on YouTube before reading the book, though.

Apart from that I’m also practising Chinese martial arts.

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hello all, i am from Indonesia, i am not fluent in english, one of the causes is english language is not a priority in indonesia, which is a shame, but the plus point is… we have 700-1100 languages.

wuxia was very dominant here circa 60-90s, it can be seen by how many wuxia books and stories have been translated or created in circulation, dont know how many but i estimate more than 10,000 titles

nearly all wuxia novels by famous wuxia authors like jin yong, gu long, liang yusheng have been translated to indonesian language (including the fake one, there are many fake titles that use the name of them on the cover.

once i sum up all the titles that i found on the internet, and got the number for the total of works (in Indonesian language) that use Gu Long’s name are 200+ titles (probably more as cyberspace is too big to be searched one by one), and Jin Yong’s works about 60+ titles.

mostly the wuxia book translation in indonesia use Hokkien for a name of characters, sect name, martial arts, etc and also an old indonesian language , that’s why some newer young generation find it hard to follow it.

for the tv adaptation, the most popular is from the era 80s, something like ROCH andy lau version, HSDS tony leung version, incarnated, etc.

as you know, I am also a wuxia blogger in my native language on Cerita Silat . if only I fluent in English, maybe I would also create an English version of my blog and translate sword stained with royal blood (that’s my dream)

@Jenxi , i saw you parking your domain?

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Great introduction! Glad to meet a fellow wuxi lover. Which domain are you referring to?

Hi there!

I’m a quasi-ABC, came to the US when I was 6, grew up in Texas, currently living in California. Most of my wuxia reading is Jin Yong and Gu Long, which my parents used to maintain my Chinese proficiency. This was fortuitous, as this was a major contributing factor in how I met my wife.

I’ve also trained wushu as a hobby for several years, and participated in the Tale of Wuxia crowdsourced translation effort back in 2015.

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Welcome! Good to see you on Discord.