Jianghu == Wulin?

Is there any differences between the two?

There is. Jianghu refers to the world of martial arts, whereas wulin refers to the community of martial arts.

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Zhang Wuji called Zhang Sanfeng “Tai Shifu”. How would Zhao Min called Zhang Sanfeng when she got married with Zhang Wuji?

Would it sound weird if she called Zhang Sanfeng “Master Zhang”?

Not quite. Master is an overused term that doesn’t describe the intricacies of the relationships. Master would be a very general term to use. The right term for her to use would be the same as what Wuji uses. Tai shifu literally means grand shifu or grand master. It would be disrespectful for her to address him as Master Zhang, but I suspect it is just meaning and honourifics lost in translation.

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If Zhao Min were a student of a Shifu and the Shifu had another student whose surname was Duan, who was older and had been with the Shifu longer than Zhao Min, then would it sound weird if Zhao Min addressed him as senior Duan?

The term senior would be very generic, kind of like master. Relationships are very well defined in the original Chinese terms. She would address him as shixiong.

Shi means teacher. Fu means father. So shifu is literally teacher father.
Xiong means elder brother. The term shixiong indicates that the person is under the same master and is an elder male.

So Zhao Min would address him as “Duan Shixiong”?

Yes, but I would use lowercase shixiong, shifu etc to avoid confusing with people’s names, for example someone whose name in pinyin would be Duan Shixiong, surname Duan and given name Shixiong.

Jianghu is not equal to Wulin. Jianghu is similar to a community. Wulin is akin to a forum.