Jin Yong treasure hunt

I’ve been thinking about this. It seems that most of the conflicts in Jin Yong novels started with a treasure. It’s not a particularly shocking revelation since it is a very common way to drive plot. I’m looking at you LOTR.

Best examples would be the Heaven Sword and the Dragon-slaying Sabre.

The Sword was held by Emei so it kept away conflict, though Emei kept leaping into conflicts to get the Sabre.

The Sabre caused many tragedies:

  • Blinded Xiexun
  • Suicides of Zhang Wuxia and Yin Susu
  • The trials and tribulations of Zhang Wuji
  • The fall of Zhou Ziruo
    Of course the Sabre did some good such as leading Zhao Min to Zhang Wuji.

Next would be the Nine Yin Manual.

It caused:

  • Death of Huang Yaoshi’s wife Feng Heng
  • Betrayal of Chen Xuanfeng
  • Fall of Mei Chaofeng
  • Expulsion of Lu Chengfeng, Qu Lingfeng, Wu Linfeng, Feng Mofeng
  • Insanity of Ouyang Feng
  • The multitudes of deaths in Legend of the Condor Heroes
    Third example is the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters

It caused:

  • Fall of Oboi
  • Fall of Wu Sangui and his son
  • Death of Mao Dongzhu
  • Deaths of those trying to seize and defend it
    What other examples can you think of?
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Interesting. Most of the manuals would have long lasting effects as a result of people fighting over them. Pitch in everyone. Let’s put on our thinking caps. Meanwhile, let me find mine.