Missing avatars

Some avatars have gone missing in the recent forum update. Apologies for the inconvenience. On the bright side it’s a good time to get yourself a new avatar!

Mine seems to be working? Yay

Just tried uploading…twice, each a different image, to no avail. :frowning:

Hmmm that’s strange. How big is the image and what format is it?

Works for me. Give it another try? @iPhoenix

@Jenxi Still didn’t work. I tried a JPEG and a PNG, size 363KB.

I tried to insert the image here but when I click on the “Insert Image” icon, I just get a bunch of html code.

@flyingdagger Thanks, but it’s still not working for me.

@Jenxi FYI, I had another image before, but it disappeared mysteriously, and now I can’t upload another one.

@iPhoenix Yeah there was a bug that reset all the images. I’ll poke around. In the mean time, post the HTML code error you get.

@Jenxi Here’s the code below when I tried to insert an image… There’s no additional instructions to drag and drop or choose from file.

@Jenxi Sorry, the actual html code is not showing up…let’s try this to see if it helps, I’ve inserted spaces between each character:

! [ ] ( s r c )

@iPhoenix When you use the Markdown tags to insert image, it has to be from a source, meaning via a link from another site.

Alternatively, there’s an image attachment feature next to the preview button in the editor toolbar.

@Jenxi Sorry, I’m not sure if I understand, but let me try attaching the image I’m trying to upload for my avatar.

@iPhoenix Yeah this is to attach an image.

To change your avatar, you need to click on your profile image on the top right of the site, select Profile, click on the profile image and select the image you want to upload as the new profile image.

That’s what I’ve been doing. After selecting profile, there’s a round icon in the upper left of screen with a plus sign, I click on that and it opens up dialogue box for me to choose a file from my computer. I select jpeg image and click on choose…the dialogue box closes but no image appears in my avatar.

Anyone else facing this issue do leave a comment so we can identify the cause.

Awh, thanks so much! I notice there are many posts without avatars. Hope others will respond to help identify problem. Again, thanks!