New translations?

Are there any new additions planned for the site?

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I’m thinking of working on a DGSD rewrite. Anyone interested in that?

i dont know mandarin, cannot help :frowning:

Howdy! Just signed up and joined the discord. DGSD is Demi Gods and Semi Devils I presume?

yes sir,
DGSD = demi gods and semi devils
ROCH = return of the condor heroes
LOCH = legend of the condor heroes
HSDS = heavenly sword and dragon sabre
SPW = smiling proud wanderer, sometimes people also use XAJH (xiao ao jiang hu)
CLX = chu liuxiang
DOMD = duke of mount deer (the deer and the cauldron)
SSRB = sword stained with royal blood
TBTS = the book and the sword

I’m not a fan of using SPW because Smiling Proud Wanderer is a poor translation of the title.