Primordial Heavenly Dao God

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Primordial Heavenly Dao God

Author: Azure Dragon Editor: Azure Dragon


In blank space in small Space-time River a lotus bloom with Divine light. There are seven petals with seven divine lights. Those Seven colors are five elements and two natural elements. Gold, Wood, Fire, Water and Earth are five elements; Wind and Thunder-Lightning are two natural elements.

The core of lotus base has a black and white Taiji Diagram that represents Yin and Yang keep circling. In the center of Yin-Yang Taiji hovering three small different color seeds. Those are seeds of Primordial Lotus; gray color lotus seed represent Primordial Chaos, black seed represent Destruction and just around them circling a seed with silver and black color.

Primordial Chaos give birth Yin-Yang; Yin-Yang gives birth five elements and five elements give birth myriad of creation. After creation there are always destruction. So Destruction is part of creation. Without destruction there is no creation and without creation there is no destruction.

In small Space-time river Primordial Lotus drifting space. There are no concepts of light in space; Time is drifting like water. In Primordial Lotus core Lotus seed a scripture slowly forming. When this scripture complete it will become heaven-defying supreme scripture in whole heaven and earth.


Divine realm
A genius that born in tens of millions years has born. He sweeps across whole divine realm with his cultivation and body. In just five hundred years he became a man that every one look up to; after thousand year he became one the ten strongest in divine realm; at tens of thousands years he became strongest in divine realm. People of divine realm called him Realm God. But after hundreds of thousands year he suddenly despaired. But how has he despaired still mystery.


One billion years after legendary genius Realm God despaired, anther genius has born. He is the first genius who duel array and formation master. He creates a legend in array and formation; he combines both array and formation into one. He create a heaven-defying array-formation that capable of create whole world. People of divine realm called him Array-formation God. After long time passed, he too despaired like legendary.


As time passed anther genius has born in divine realm. He was genius in weapon refining; he creates evolution in realm of weapon refining. He forged a heaven-defying weapon that capable of cut anything. Divine realm called him Refining God. But after many years he too despaired in thin air with his legendary weapon.


After long time, a genius in alchemy has born. He creates many legendary pills that help people. With his heaven and earth born cauldron he create legendary pill that can extent life of cultivator in any realm. He named Alchemy God by Divine realm people. But he too despaired like other three legendary gods.

But no one knows that behind success of four gods a Primordial Lotus that help them quietly.


Primordial Heavenly Dao God
Author: Azure Dragon Editor: Azure Dragon

Chapter 1: Annihilation of clan (1)

In night, dark cloud slowly covering up whole night sky. Chilling night cover whole land; sounds of wind and lightning could hear occasionally.

In a towering mountain fifty or so house could be seen around mountain. No light could be seen in room, like there are no people living in house. But if one think that no one lived in house they are wrong. In house a table full of warm food could be seen. But there are no people around it. It was same case as other fifty or so house.

Deep within mountain a big house that different than fifty or so house. This not like house but more like big building. Deep within building there close to thousand people gather here. Old, young, woman and man or so are here. Front of them a large platform and standing in it three people.

Among three people one old, one young and other one middle age man. Old man has white hair with large long bread in his seventy. Middle age man had black hair and good physics with hands face. He had aura of leader. And just beside him a young boy 11 -12 years old. He got thin body but handsome face and his face little resemble middle age man beside him.

“Patriarch, please tell us what should we do?” Thousand people asked middle age man in same time worriedly.
Yes, that middle age man is patriarch of Long Clan in Long Mountain.

Long Mountain is in Huang Kingdom of Song dynasty. Long Mountain is good for harvesting medical herb. So, many great clans in Huang Kingdom want to occupy for this reason. But Long Clan is a grade-3 clan, so they occupy it for long time. No one dare to offend Long Clan, because they had Heaven realm cultivator. Even if other clan wants the herb, they trade with Long Clan. King of Huang Kingdom also didn’t try to do anything funny with Long Clan.

Long Clan patriarch name Long Xuan and he was the only man in whole clan that reach Heaven Realm in whole Long Clan. He was a great leader and with him as leader Long Clan never bullied by in Huang Kingdom.
Every clan member of Long Clan unites each other. They never bully anyone because of their power.

“Ahh! Dose heaven wants my Long Clan’s distraction? All of you listen carefully, I want everyone escape from here before its too late.” Patriarch Long Xuan said with sigh.

“No! Patriarch we will not escape without you. If you not leave neither will we, our Long Clan doesn’t have any cowards. We can live with Long Clan and die with Lon Clan.” All clan members of Long Clan said with loud voice.


“Tian’er I want you to leave. You can see all clan members don’t want to leave. I don’t anything happened to you. Even though you can’t cultivate I want you to have good mortal life. But I didn’t predict that danger befall in our clan. I want you to run way. Many of senior brothers of clan gone for training so they will be safe. Go son.” Patriarch Long Xuan said to young beside him.

“No!” Young man scrammed loudly and said, “No father I will not leave the clan this is my root. Where should I go without it?”

“Patriarch said it right young master Tian. Please escape from here. We will comfort enemy, we are not scared.” All clan members said with loud.

This 11-12 years young man is only son of Long Clan patriarch. His name is Long Tian. But he can’t sense Qi of heaven and earth since was he little. Without sensing Qi of heaven and earth one can’t cultivate. So basically he’s cripple. Even though he cripple no clan members belittle him, it’s not because his father is patriarch, it’s because Long Tian very good nature ever since he little. So every clan loves him like their own son.