Reading ebook or web?

How do you guys read? I’m more of the ebook person. I love my phone.


The website version works on the phone as well.

I’m in a country with slow and undependable internet, so epub is best for me.

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I see you’re from New Zealand. Is the internet that bad? How’s mobile data services?

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It’s gotten better, but unless you’re within range of you own wifi (ie at home) things can get expensive. Fee wifi around town is very slow!

I’m hoping ‘White Horse Neighing in the West Wind’ becomes avaiable as an epub soon…

Work on translations have slowed down a lot due to the lack of editors and support. I need to work to pay for the bills to keep the site running. It would help if fans could help to fund some of the costs of keeping this site up.

I like reading off ebooks but reading on the web is fun especially when you get to share your thoughts with fellow readers.

I like that too. I do a lot of annotations when I read but I wish we could share the annotations. You can do that with a lot of Chinese reading apps. I think Medium has that as well.

That’ll be a great way to build on the community interaction. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do that right now but we could do a commentary in the forums. Maybe even do a group reading and comment on it.

Offline is the best for me. No need to rely on the internet to load pages. Then again, WuxiaSociety has been really stable and good for me. I just wish we could have more translations.

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It’s something I’m working on. Anyone who can help please let me know.

On one hand, I understand it is a staggering amount of work. On the other, I just want more to read.

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I know the feeling. I want to translate more too. But there’s only so much I can do per day on my own in my free time.

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Keep it up! I got an email about the new Sword of the Yue Maiden translation and hopped back here. I can’t wait for the next part. I’ve read the old one and it is a big step up. Well done.

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Let me know what you think of it. I thought of making it a Patreon thing, but I think the translation should be out here for everyone to enjoy.

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Thank you for the hard work and trying to make wuxia accessible to everyone. That is a very noble cause but you might want to put some thought into how to monetise the site, perhaps. It’s just a suggestion but being able to financially sustain the site would actually allow you to grow and provide more content to a larger audience. Just my two cents.

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