Romance of the Three Kingdoms translation

This is not strictly wuxia but it is related in a way. And probably inevitable given my username. :wink:

Would such a project be possible? There are several translations available such as the official translated books and online ones like but these are awkwardly translated. The books I’ve seen use the horrid Wade-Giles format too.

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Hi there, welcome to the Wuxia Society forum! Yes, I get what you mean. The translations I’ve seen online are thorough but awkward. There are books of the English translations. From what I’ve read, some are pretty well-translated, though I’m not familiar with translation is the better one.

It is a staggering task to translate the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is written in vernacular Chinese. And with so many existing translations, it begs the question whether it is worth the effort.

Would be great to see… but it is sooooo long…

Yes, one thing that most people don’t realise is how lengthy many Chinese novels are. Or should I say, how lengthy they are after they have been translated. This is down to the beauty of the Chinese language. You can say so much with very few words. So when the same description is translated, it is a lot longer.

Based on my rough estimate, the longer Jin Yong novels translated are each the length of several English novels.

It was worth a try asking. How about polishing up the bad translations instead of doing a translation? Editing the translation to improve the quality. That might make it easier and faster?

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Yes, it would lesson the work load but it’ll still be a staggering project to take on. If there is a team to work on it, then maybe we can consider that.