Royal wedding thoughts

Watching the royal wedding today made me wonder what a modern day royal wedding would be like in an Eastern setting.

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Imperial wedding? That’s how I picture it.

Closest would be a Japanese wedding? Chinese imperial weddings would be a closed affair that commoners would not get to see. Wait, doesn’t the Emperor have many concubines hence no actual wedding…

It can’t beat my wedding! My prince charming would fly in on a rainbow cloud, wearing a suit of gold armour!

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Ok, not the photo I wanted but close enough.

I don’t think anyone can beat that wedding. Well not the wedding in the photo. The wedding at the end of the movie.

Japanese or Korean maybe? Chinese royal/imperial wedding would probably get crazy viewership and sponsorships.

Awwww that’s so sweet

Maybe similar to what goes on in Japan? Not sure how much media coverage that gets though. Especially since it’ll be in Japanese rather than English. That’s probably why the British one gets so much attention. And the fact that many former British colonies feel a sense of belonging to the monarchy. Just my two cents.

Hmmm… I guess a good way to do some research is to go on YouTube. I’ll go study if I have time, if not I hope someone has some sort of an answer for us!

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Good points there.

Well at least we get to see some of the wedding styles in different dynasties recreated and reimagined in movies and dramas.

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there’s still some cultural differences compared to a Chinese wedding.

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that’s a good suggestion! Anyone up for it? I’ll go sniff around too

That’s very true. And some fantastical elements.

Differences such as?

OMG! I didn’t realise it’s been 2 years! post necro