State of Divinity 1996 - English Subtitle

AKA: (Xiao Ao Jiang Hu) (The Smiling, Proud Wanderer) Tieu Ngao Giang Ho

Hi guys, currently working on this series for English subtitle. Just wanted to make a recruitment post and a place to garner interest for those who want to watch.

Currently recruiting anyone that want to help. Previously post Episode 1 to 10 here but I lost the file:

If anyone feel like helping out, let me know. There is plenty of thing to do. Just slower if it solo project.

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Guess there isn’t much of interest in this series then. Anyway slowly progressing. Finished 1st milestone and working on the tedious milestone 2.

If anyone is interested in this series (or translation in general there is a decent resource I posted), feel free to join this temporary channel for translation. Once translation is complete, it will be abandon.

Milestone 1. OCR - Using Software to have a written copy of the Chinese Subtitle

Status: 100%
Episode 43/43 complete.

Milestone 2. Quality check Subtitle - Check for duplicate, missing field lines -
Description: Do a quick compare OCR with the correct word. Visual task and take quite long.

@ngocemWhich edition of the show are you subbing?

We could have a section here on the website for the translation work.

Wait, is there multiple editions? I’m doing the TV series so I don’t think this website will be able to post it. I probably can post the subtitle (softsub .srt) files once it is complete though.

It would be this series, but I’m using a different source for the subtitle (OurTV), I notice that the subtitle is different from the Youtube version in certain words but Youtube version quality too low so I opted for OurTV version.

Eventually my plan is to have an universal version that should cater to all version both in term of Audio and Subtitle. As for when that is complete is a different matter.

Current target goal is English (draft) by end of this year

There are many TV series for Laughing Proudly at the World aka Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

  • 1984 HK - The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
  • 1985 Taiwan - The Smiling, Proud Wanderer
  • 1996 HK - State of Divinity
  • 2000 Taiwan - State of Divinity
  • 2000 Singapore - The Legendary Swordsman
  • 2001 Mainland - Laughing in the Wind
  • 2013 Mainland - Swordsman
  • 2018 Mainland - New Smiling, Proud Wanderer

My favourites are the 1996 and 2001 versions.

Oh that I’m aware of, maybe the Thread title wasn’t noticeable (where I wrote 1996) and in my first post I didn’t write the year cause I didn’t want to put bunch of 1996 in each Title.

I recently discover a Thai version. I wonder which other country that have a following of this series.

Why sub this instead of the others?

Aside from not liking the other version very much, I think all if not most of them already have English sub or Machine translation available. It easy to acquire any of those for anyone who want to watch this series.

Whereas older series, forget about it. No one going to bother to subtitle it, becoming a waste as it will never getting seen.

Also because I wanted to re-watch it, this time with a bit more understanding of the story.

As for update. Currently on Milestone 2, part 1 - Eps 35. This eps is bad for subtitle. Too many white clothes and 900+ lines

It’s my favourite edition, aside from the 2001 version.

Do you have the original subs? Please email them to me at and I’ll put them on the translation site.

Another fan of this version here! :raised_hand:

@Jenxi It draft version, Milestone 1 was just basically OCR hardsub, now currently working on fixing missing subtitles which is Milestone 2.

Haven’t manage to recruit anyone yet so I’m just keeping these softsub to myself as I work on it slowly. No issue with posting it but don’t want to confuse people thinking it is complete or even readable.

Still stuck on Eps 37 though, been occupied lately.

If anyone interested in the Milestone check out the discord pages.

@ngocem I don’t mean putting it on the translation section. We have a separate translation platform that might be useful for you to work on the translation.

Hi all, I been on hiatus for this project but will be starting it up again, here to drum up more recruitment.

@Jenxi Are you talking about the .PO editing thread? Maybe that is a future thing as the subtitle was from OCR (image convert to text) it is quite unpolished. Once the preliminary Quality Assurance is done maybe I look into using it.

If you have it in plain text it can be imported into our system.

Any updates? I’m keen to check it out.

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