Switch to HTTPS

I added SSL certificates for the main site and the forum. This should not cause any errors but if you come across any issues, please post here.

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Not quite sure what that means but I don’t have any issues. Could the lack of activity be due to this change?? :flushed:

It means the site is more secure. But we might theoretically sacrifice some speed. Anyone having issues with the site? My tests show that there shouldn’t be. Let me know via the contact page or Twitter @wuxias if you have issues.

Works fine for me, for what it’s worth.

@DongfangBubai Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

no issues so far. Thanks for the hard work!

That makes our logins secure right?

Yup. Seems to be where the web is headed. Modern browsers should show a padlock icon for sites that are secure and throw a warning if the site isn’t.