The 3rd version of LOCH official book

i thought there were 2 versions of LOCH english translation book, but found out that there are actually three versions , this is the third version with some own illustrations in the book.

where did you find this and what does the cover look like? I would love pictures.

Check here: A Hero Born | The Folio Society

yikes! that is pricey, but the cover art and binding are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I may need to start saving up.

It’s not cheap, but for a decent hardcover not too excessive. OTOH I have some collecting habits that might make me consider normal what others consider insanely expensive. Not that I can spend whatever, but I do collect first editions of Clive Barker’s books, and those kind of prices are not uncommon.

I still have issues with the translation of LOCH, sadly.

i think it’s worth for book collector, this edition is more expensive than other 2 versions, but not only you get a better material, you also get some new illustrations.

some other images in the book