The Inheritance

The Inheritance


It was midday somewhere in the Central Plains. A lady was riding a mule on a small mountain road. She was about 28 or 29 year old. From a quick glance, her look was ordinary, because her beauty was hidden by her makeup-less and dried skin on her face, her lips had many cracking lines from dry and hot weather. It seemed, she did not take care of herself nor cared about how others looked at her.

The clothes which she wore was old and had many patches and stitches, though, the material which made up of the clothes was high quality silk. Hidden inside the sleeve of her clothes was a sword which was a bit shorter than a normal length of a sword.

As the sun was blazing down, the lady looked up a little and kicked her mule to walk toward a thick tree line on a hill. The mule walked to stop at a broken stone gazebo where the lady dismounted. She pulled her water sack which was hung at the saddle and walked to look at the gazebo. She had a few sips, then she sighed before she turned to look down toward the mountain road where she had been on.

“Brother Yang, Sister Long …” She said in melancholy tone. “Where are you?” Then she had another long sigh before she sat down on a low stone bench. “I have been traveling everywhere … I understand, you want to hide yourselves from the world but why must you hide from this little sister.” She paused and went quiet for a moment.

The mule was walking closer and closer to her as it grazed on lush green grass. She gently rubbed on the frontal part above the nose of the mule a few times, “Mr mule, how many years have we been on the road together?” Then she laughed a little as she rubbed the grey hairs on the mule’s face, “Was it 12 or 13 years?” Then her voice turned sadden “My good friend, you are old … so am I … When I left XiangYang with you that year, I was just 16.”

The mule brayed a whiny sound as it lifted its head up and down a few times.

“We are not far from Mt. Zhongnan …” she said tiredly. “Shall we go to see if Brother Yang and Sister Long might be there …”

The mule brayed again and continued nipping on the lush green grass near the lady.

"Please … " she pleaded with the mule like a little girl. “It’s been over 10 years since we’ve been there.” Then she pulled a map out from the side pocket of the saddle on the mule and started looking at it intensely. “We have been to all corners of the Central Plains … where are you, Brother Yang?”

The mule did not make a sound but kept gazing on the lush green grass, she fold the map and placed it back in the pocket beside the saddle, then she pulled a rice cake out from her bag and started eating it.

< I just want to eat >
  /\          /\
 ( \\        // )
  \ \\      // /
     / _  _ \/
     |      | \/
     \      /  \/_____________________
      |____|     \\                  \\
     /      \     ||                  \\
     \ 0  0 /     |/                  |\\
      \____/ \    V           (       / \\
       / \    \     )          \     /   \\
      / | \    \_|  |___________\   /     ""
                  ||  |     \   /\  \
                  ||  /      \  \ \  \
                  || |        | |  | |
                  || |        | |  | |
                  ||_|        |_|  |_|
                 //_/        /_/  /_/
—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

About an hour later, while she was napping on the stone bench, sounds of horse galloping woke her up. She quickly sat up and had a mouth full of water. Then she stood up to stretch her body to look toward the direction of the sounds. She saw a man who dressed in all black was riding fast. As he was passing the hill where she stood, an arrow flew from behind to hit him right at his upper left shoulder very close to his neck. The arrow caused him to fall down from the moving horse.

She was about to run down from the hill to see the man, but, 10 other men who dressed in Song army uniform were riding toward the man who dressed in all black. When they got there, they went right to surround the man on the ground.

“Li Da’Gr …” One of the soldiers who looked to be an officer said. “Where do you think, you are going?” Then he laughed.

“Lin Gong, You traitor, you are not my brother …” The man who was on the ground shouted back angrily. “Wang Jiaozhu sent us to fight with the TarTar, but you and Zhang …” He could finish what to wanted to say, he suddenly coughed out blood.

“Li Da’Gr, General Zhang has ordered me to bring you back.” The officer said like a wolf.

“Traitor! I will never surrender.” The man surname Li shouted angrily, “I am not the only one who know what the traitor Zhang Hongfan wants to do. One of us will let Hero Guo Jing know.” , then he coughed out blood from the arrow which pierced from his left shoulder through to the upper part of his lung.

The officer named Lin Gong laughed, then he turned to order his soldiers, “finish him!”

Right away, the soldiers on horseback fired their arrows at the man on the ground.

Suddenly a shadow flew pass the man, the arrows which were about to hit the man suddenly reversed their direction and went to hit the soldiers. Each fell from their horse and screamed in pain. Some died, some were injured from their own arrows.

The officer named Lin Gong was startled when he saw what was happening, the horse which he was on lifted its two front legs up high until Lin Gong fell down from the horse. When he pushed himself to stand up again, he pulled his saber out, but the man surnamed Li had disappeared from the ground. He turned and looked around, but he could not see where the man surnamed Li went. He knew, the person who helped the man surname Li away must have a very high level of martial art. He kept looking around in fear for a short moment, then he ordered his soldiers to get back on the horse, some were able to, but some just lied quietly on the ground. Then Lin Gong jumped back on his horse before he rode out without looking back.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

Up on the hill inside the shadow of the trees, the man surnamed Li was rescued by the lady. She sat the man up and leaned his back with a tree trunk. After feeling his pulse, she knew, she could not save him.

“Sir … Sir …” She called him.

“Heroine … I thank you for trying to save me.” The man surname Li said faintly. “I won’t be able to make it. You must warn Hero GuoJing … He is at the city of XiangYang …” Then he coughed out more blood.

"Sir … is Hero GuoJing in any danger? You must tell me … sir … " She asked.

The man nodded, “You must warn Hero Guo Jing, Zhang Hongfan is a traitor, he is helping the Tartar, they plan to destroy the supplies …” He coughed out more blood, " … to destroy the supplies which is to be sent to XiangYang for next winter … " Then he went quiet.

“Sir, Sir … how did you know this?” She kept calling a few more times, but there was no response.

The lady quickly checked his pulse, a moment later, she knew the man had passed away, so she gently laid him down. Right then, she noticed, the man was wearing a necklet, so she pulled it out to look, there was a small amulet attached at the end, the amulet shape was like a flame.

 /      .'       \
 o      '.       o
  \             /
   o           o
    \         /
     o       o
      \     /
       o   o
       ' 🔥'
       '. .'

“The holy flame! The Demonic Cult Symbol!” She exclaimed quietly in wonder, “Why did father know someone from the Demonic Cult? Could it be my grandfather or my mother?”, Then she placed the amulet in her belt pocket.

She quickly buried the man. After that, she stood up and ran to her mule, “Mr Mule, we won’t be going to Mt. Zhongnan just yet, I must rush to XiangYang to warn my father.” Once she finished saying, she pulled a map out from the bag which hung from the saddle. She opened the map on the stone bench and looked at it for a moment, “It will take about two days if I leave now.” She whispered to herself before she folded the map away and mounted on the mule before she rushed out.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

Close to the evening on the same day, the lady was rushing her old mule to keep running. As she kept riding east, the mountain road which she had been on turned into low flat land. There were chubby green bushes about 2 meter high along both side of the flat road. Slow breeze was blowing from the east side while the old mule was breathing very heavily as its master kept pushing him to run.

As the lady concentrated on riding, suddenly she heard distinct screeching sound of some kind of bird from high up above her. She shouted, "yokkkk " as she pulled the halting rope, thus, the old mule made a sudden stop, however, the lady did not seem to be affected by the sudden change of motion, she sat with her back straight while her eyes were scanning the sky above her like the mule had not made any changes in motion. The distinct screeching sound could still be heard from high up.

While the lady was busy looking up, the mule slowly moved itself forward toward a small stream and started drinking water while its master was still sitting on its back.

Suddenly, the lady exclaimed loudly, “The Divine Eagle!” Her eyes were tracking something up in the sky.

Right at that moment, sound of a large number of arrows flying filled the surrounding. The lady leaped up in lightning speed, her body spun vertically in the air as the arrows passed. The afternoon sun was shining from the western sky, a transparent pale orange orb could be seen surrounding the body of the lady. The internal energy which the lady flexed to protect herself bent the sunlight, hence, it appeared visibly as a pale transparent orb. When the arrows flew to hit the orb, they changed their motions, they skipped and bounced from the energy orb

When the lady landed, her mule was lying down on its side, many arrows had pierced its body, a few went right into its neck. Blood was leaking out fast. The lady quickly ran to bent down beside the mule which was breathing faintly.

"Mr Mule … " The lady cried, “Please don’t leave me … you are my only true friend in these past 10 years.” She pleaded as tear drops were flowing out from her eyes.

The mule brayed one last time before it went quiet. The lady kept rubbing gently on the frontal part of the mule while she kept crying.

In the same time, about 100 soldiers in Song army uniform ran out from the bushes on both side of the road, each had their weapons drawn as they moved to surround the lady and her lifeless mule.

The commander of the soldiers said loudly, “Lady, where did you hide that man surname Li … give him up, you are surrounded.” He was Lin Gong, the Song army officer who chased the man surname Li just a few hours earlier.

The lady stood up, she pointed her index finger at the commander. “It’s you!” She said, her voice was cold and hid with deep anger. “What did my mule do to you? Why do you have to kill him?”

All the soldiers showed fear on their face and stopped moving forward while Lin Gong stepped back.

Right at that moment, the lady waved her arm and hand, the soldiers who stood in the front row felt like they were slapped hard on their face and thrown backward to hit other soldiers who stood behind them.

The lady did not wait, she charged forward toward Lin Gong who tried to hide behind other soldiers, flashes from her sword went into the soldiers’ eyes, each jumped away from the path of the lady.

Lin Gong saw what was coming to him, so he thrust his saber forward. As the saber was in motion straight in front of him, suddenly, he felt the saber became so heavy, much heavier than it used to be. Then the numbness to the hand with he held the saber followed. Right after that, the saber was thrown away from his hand. It flew and went missing into a chubby bush. Then Lin Gong fell to his back side, his head hit the dirt ground hard. When he looked again, the lady’s sword was right at his neck. Her right foot was on his forehead.

All the soldiers stood still in fear or they did not know what to do, they did not come forward to help their commander.

"Miss … Miss … " Lin Gong stuttered in fear, “It’s a capital crime to kill an army officer, the government will send people to hunt you down.”

“Do you think I fear the government?” The lady shouted angrily, “A low life like you likes to hide behind your uniform to do your dirty deed.”

“Miss … The man whom you helped.” Lin Gong said, “He is one of the Demonic Cult disciples. The emperor has ordered all the Demonic Cult disciples be beheaded. You mustn’t help him.”

The lady paused and went into her thought, she had heard a lot about the Demonic Cult in the recent time since the Mongol invasion toward the south side of Chang Jiang[^CJR] intensified. Some said, they were bad people, some said, they were good and anti-Mongol. She was not sure what the truth really was nor she cared to find out.

[^CJR]: Chang Jiang also known as the Yangtze is the longest river in the Central Plains.

That short moment when she went into her thought caused her to have less situation awareness. When she came out from her thought again, she felt cold Yin energy was coming toward the top of her head. Without moving her feet, she twisted her upper body a little, her right arm which the hand held her sword moved in a half circle motion vertically upward, then the sword was thrust straight up. It was lightning fast.

A loud “crank” sound followed, she knew, her sword had collided with something very powerful. She used that short moment to leap back to get away from the path of the cold Yin energy.

When she landed, she saw Lin Gong’s face was smashed by a clawed palm which belong to a person who at that moment floated vertically upside down with the right arm straight with the palm that smashed Lin Gong’s face. The palm and the arm were in dark blue, blood vessels on the arm and palm could clearly be seen.

Lin Gong died in that instance, his skull collapsed from face down with 5 holes wounds clearly be seen. It was not recognizable as a human head anymore. Blood and brain mass splashed out onto the dirt.

The lady was startled to see such a powerful and cruel palm technique. She looked at her sword which was broken.

In the same time, the man sprung himself up to be on his feet using that arm which the palm smashed Lin Gong’s face.

Right then, the lady could see the man clearly, his face and specially his lips were also in dark blue which was the result of blood tubes being pushed to their maximum flow capacity.

The lady exclaimed quietly, “The Nine Yin White Bone Claw! How did it …”

The man did not wait, he darted forward with his claw flexed with intense cold Yin energy.

The lady lifted her broken sword up to block, her right foot step back. When the man was close enough, he suddenly flew upward and somersaulted to be upside down about 60 degree above her. The clawed dark blue palm was aiming at her face.

The lady quickly bent backward to her right to avoid, but the man was lightning fast, he trust his clawed palm toward the lady’s left shoulder.

The lady quickly pulled her internal energy to her left palm and trust it forward to block. Her palm and his claw collided. A loud “thud” sound followed. The lady body was thrown toward to her right and landed on the ground hard. Her palm was numbed and the arm was chilled, she saw blood was leaking from the left palm. The chill from the left palm quickly went to her left arm and continued on to her heart. Her breathing became sluggish. It caused her to be unable to circulate her Qi.

In the same time, the man body was also thrown away from the lady’s palm energy. When he landed on his feet, he was also in pain, the right half of his body felt really hot. His index finger on the palm which collided with the lady’s palm were broken.

“The warm Yang internal energy!” He exclaimed, “Little lady …” the man said with his cracking voice, “Your internal energy is not bad.” Then he darted toward the lady.

The lady tried to get up, but the chill went from her left arm to her chest. Her Qi circulation was blocked, as a result, she was having difficulty breathing.

When the man landed, he was about to use his left clawed palm to hit the lady, but a loud shouted stopped him.

“Baisun! Wait!” Another man who sat on a horse back shouted. “Take her back, she might be one of the Demonic Cult’s disciples! I want to interrogate her.”

Baisun stopped right before he hit the lady who was about to passed out. He turned to look at the man on the horse, “Yes, General Zhang.”

Two soldiers walked to pull to lady who by then had passed out. They put her on a horse drawn cart and rode away.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

The Inheritance (continue)

When the lady regained her conscious again, She panned her eyes around trying to see the sky, but she could see only stone ceiling. She was not sure where she was. Then she felt pain at her left hand, so she tilted her eyes to look, the hand was swollen in dark blue. A moment later, her mind started recalling the event which caused the injuries at her left hand. At that moment, she was not sure how long had it been.

“Who else have the Nine Yin Manual? Father or mother have not written it down, have they?” She whispered to herself. “The Nine Yin White Bone Claw should have been extinct since before I was born.”

Then she slowly sat up, a short moment later, she realized then, she was in a jail cell. So she stood up and walked to look at the hall on the outside of the cell iron bars. There were a few torches lit.

There was water dripping from the ceiling directly in front of her. She reached her right hand out and waited for the water to drop onto her hand. After a few drops of water, she pulled her hand back and took it near her nose to smell the water before she sucked the water from the hand. She repeated a few more times until she had enough. Then she kept trying to see the hallway as far to her left and her right as possible, but she saw no one.

“I have to get out of here …” She was whispering quietly, “I must warn father and mother.” She saw the iron bars door of the cell was locked with a big chain. With her right hand, she pulled the chain up and applied her internal energy to try to break it, but suddenly sharp pain attacked her left arm, moreover the chill went from her left arm into her heart again.

“arg …” She had a quiet scream, “The Poison cold Qi … why such an evil and cruel martial art is recorded in the Nine Yin manual?” So she went to sit cross legs near the wall in the cell. “Father once said, one of Grandfather’s disciple has used human skulls to practice this evil martial art.” She looked at her left and said to herself, “Heaven helped me, my injuries was minimal, unless, I might not be able to see father and mother again.”

She was quiet for a moment, her face showed, she was sad, “I should have gone back to see them! It’s been more than 10 years. They must have gotten old …” She cried a little.

A moment later, she wiped tear drops from her cheeks then she closed her eyes and started circulating her Qi to heal herself. In about 50 rounds of Qi circulation, the dark blue on her hand and arm started disappearing. Four hours after that, she was fully recovered.

When she opened her eyes, she was about to stand up to free herself from the jail, but suddenly she heard sound of stone grinding with metal at the hallway to her left. So she quickly lied down and faced herself away from the jail bars, she made sure to hide her left hand.

“Lui GongGong[^GONGGONG], please follow me.” sound of a man talking echoed inside the hallway. Then sound of foot steps followed.

[^GONGGONG]: GongGong refers to a person who is a eunuch.

The lady heard the foot steps came to stop right in front of the cell where she was. Right away, she could sense cold Yin energy, so she knew, some of those who at this moment were looking at her must have strong internal energy. She quickly slowed her breathing down to make sure they would not know that she had recovered from her injuries.

“Is she dead?” a cold low voice asked.

“Shifu …” a cracking voice replied, “She will survive, I didn’t hit her at the vital part of her body. Her internal energy is based on the warm Yang Energy.”

“Warm Yang energy? Shaolin?” the cold low voice said in wonder. “but Shaolin never has any female disciple.”

Another man said, “Lui GongGong … We found these on her.”

“GuoXiang? …” The cold low voice said in wonder.

“Shifu, she must be one of the Guo’s family.” The cracking voice said.

Then the cold voice laughed

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

Inside the jail cell, while the lady was listening, she realized then, she must have lost a small gold plate which had her name embossed on it. Her mother had given the gold name plate to her since she was young. At the time, her mother was trying to teach her to read and write, but she refused, so her mother made her the gold plate with her name written on it. Seeing her name on the shiny gold plate made her feel like learning to read and write. At that moment, she badly missed her mother so sudden.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

"Lui GongGong … " Another man said, “With this Demonic Cult symbol which we found on her, we can tell the emperor, the Guo has colluded with the Demonic Cult! The emperor will have a reason to get rid of GuoJing and his wife.”

“General Zhang … shush …” The cold voice signaled the General to stop talking. “Make sure to keep her alive!”

“Yes GongGong.” The general replied.

Then the general walked everyone out from the jail.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

GuoXiang lied down quietly for about 10 more minutes until she was sure that there was no one else there, then, she sat up and check her belt pockets, the gold name plate and the necklet which she got from the man surname Li were gone.

From the conversation which she had heard, the men were plotting against her father. At the time her father and mother had been leading the martial art experts and the soldiers to protect XiangYang from the Mongol invasion for almost 30 years. The common people in the Central Plains whom her father was trying to protect loved and thought of him as the greatest hero. Her mother once warned, the emperor might be jealous or suspected him of trying to overthrown the Song Dynasty. At this moment, she realized, what her mother said was true.

GuoXiang walked to the cell door, using both of her hands, she twisted the big chain until it was bent, however, she could not break it. “I need to get out of here! Please heaven, help me please …” She looked up while she was saying that.

As she was looking up, she saw the cell iron bars had been rotten from rust at the top where water was dripping. She smiled, “Thank you heaven.” Then she applied her internal energy to her palm, then she thrust them at the iron bars, the bars were broken from the top and fell to hit the outside wall with loud “crunk” sound.

When she walked out from the jail cell, the outer iron door was pushed open, two sentinel soldiers ran in with their sabers drawn.

GuoXiang ran and jumped onto the wall of the hallway and continued running, then she spun her body to be behind the soldiers. Her move was lightning fast.

The two soldiers turned with the sabers swiped backward at GuoXiang, but their hand which held the saber lost the grip, because GuoXiang had used finger techniques which her Grandfather had taught to hit the soldiers’ hand. The sabers flew to the wall and fell on the ground, right after that, the two soldiers’ acupoint were sealed, their bodies ceased movement suddenly and fell forward to the ground like stones.

GuoXiang quickly dragged both soldiers into the jail cell where she had been in. Then she ran to the iron door. She crept her head out to look. It was night time. There were low coral mountains about 10 meters high around the jail. There was a path leading out right in front of the door to another wooden door at a hole inside the coral mountain.

Once she was sure, there was nobody in the area, she stepped out and closed the iron door. Then she made two leaps using her QingGong to the wooden door. She quietly unlatched and opened it, then she crept out and closed the door. The outside area was a garden of a luxury estate with several houses inside.

“I need a horse, a fast one …” GuoXiang was thinking quietly, because she had no idea how long she had been in the jail. Then, using her QingGong, she leaped up onto a brick wall which separated the house from the secret prison, then she carefully looked left and right before she started leaping again on the wall toward the main gate of the luxury estate.

While GuoXiang was bouncing up and down toward the main gate on the wall as she was leaping with her QingGong, she looked toward her left, she saw an army camp about a Li away. When she got closer to the main gate of the estate, she saw a person in dark clothes leaped onto the roof of the gate, so she quickly paused and leaped down to hide herself under the shadow of a tree inside the estate next to the wall. The person also paused and bent down on one knee on the roof. The QingGong of the person was at a very high level, thus, the guards who stood at the gate did not notice anything.

A short moment later, the person leaped again. GuoXiang was looking intensely, she noticed, the person was a tall man. Though, she must rush to warn her father and mother about the ill intension of the Song emperor, but her curiosity took control of her. She ran on the estate ground to follow the person who was leaping and bouncing from one roof of a house into another inside the estate.

While GuoXiang was following the person, she went to stop under the shadow of a tree which stood in front of a house, she saw 3 people who were walking into the house. One wore Song army general uniform, the other two wore normal clothes. The two who wore normal clothes, one was old with lot of grey hair. Another one was younger, his face was dark specially at the lips and his right hand had bandages wrapped.

GuoXiang recalled the army general and the man with dark blue lips right away, he was the one who used the Nine Yin White Bone Claw. He looked to be a few year younger than her. With that information, she knew, the three who were talking in front of the jail cell were them.

Once the 3 men went inside the house, she crept out from the shadow of the tree to the side of the house where there was a window. Then she bent down and looked through a small gap between the bottom window’s sill.

GuoXiang saw the eunuch surname Lui walked to sit at a chair at the far center of the room, the other two men, General Zhang Hongfan and Baisun stood in front of the eunuch with their hands cupped.

Eunuch Lui sipped tea from a cup, he cleared his throat a few times, then he said with his usual low cold voice, “GuoJing is very popular at this moment, the emperor wants to destroy his name first.”

“Shifu …” Baisun said, “if the news about him having connection with the Demonic Cult is known, he won’t be anymore.”

Zhang HongFan was nodding, “I have been sending men out to do dirty deed in the name of the Demonic Cult.”

“having the Demonic Cult symbol is not enough to cause big trouble for GuoJing, in addition, Li Bing is dead, unless we can use him.” Eunuch Lui said.

Both Baisun and Zhang HongFan was nodding. Then Baisun cupped his hands, “Shifu … I have trained more men the dark art of Nine Yin White Bone Claw, I have been sending them out to terrorize people around XiangYang. At this moment, they think, the Demonic Cult is responsible.”

“Good, very good!” Eunuch Lui was laughing, “Now, all we need is to fabricate a strong connection between the Demonic Cult and the Guo.”

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

Just outside of the room, GuoXiang was listening quietly, she was thinking, “So Lui GongGong is Baisun’s Shifu. Where did this Lui GongGong learn the art inside the Nine Yin Manual from?” She was about to look back into the room, but she sensed movements on the roof. She crept away from the window into the shadow of a tree, she looked up to see the person whom she had seen was on the roof. He was also listening to the conversation inside the room.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

Back inside the room, the conversation continued.

“General Zhang … You are a disciple of the Demonic Cult, I want you to get your Jiaozhu to think that, GuoJing wants to have a meeting with him.” Eunuch Lui said. “Can you do that?”

Zhang HongFan went into his thought a little, then he said, “Lui GongGong …” He sighed, “I don’t know where Wang Jiaozhu is at the moment. He supposed to be back from Persia a year ago, however, nobody know where he is.”

Eunuch Lui was about to reply, but he looked up toward the roof, then he looked back at Baisun, “Someone is on the roof!” He spoke with his cold low voice.

Then Eunuch Lui leaped up, both of his palms pushed upward to hit the roof tiles which was shattered in many pieces. Baisun followed while Zhang HongFan ran out from the room toward the door where he went in.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

Just outside of the house, GuoXiang saw the person was fighting with Eunuch Lui and Baisun. Then Zhang HongFan ran out from the room, GuoXiang leaped out from under the tree to grab him by his neck, in the same time, she used her left hand to seal his acupoints to cease his movements before she dragged him into the shadow of the tree where she was hiding. Then GuoXiang turned back to look at the fighting scene on the roof.

However, Zhang HongFan could still talk, so he shouted, “Soldiers! Intruders!”

GuoXiang turned back, she said, “shut up!” then she pressed an acupoint near Zhang HongFan’s neck which caused him to lose his consciousness in the instance.

Four soldiers ran from the main gate, GuoXiang ran out to quiet them very quickly before she dragged them to lie down next to Zhang HongFan. Then she looked up at the fighting scene on the roof, the intruder leaped from the roof toward the rear of the estate, so Eunuch Lui and Baisun followed.

Right after that, more soldiers ran in from the main gate, when GuoXiang saw the soldiers, she ran inside the shadow of many trees, though, it was not a direct route, but she aimed to follow the Eunuch Lui, Baisun and the intruder. While she was running, her mind was trying to derive information about the intruder. Though, it was unclear, but she was certain, the intruder was not a friend of Eunuch Lui, Baisun and Zhang HongFan.

When GuoXiang got to the rear of the estate, she saw the 3 men leaped out from the wall. She was about to follow, but suddenly, she felt cold Yin energy was radiating from behind her. Without looking back, she spun her body to her right, as her body turned, she saw a dark clawed palm came straight toward her chest. As her body rotated a little more, the clawed palm missed her, because her body had already rotated to be on the side of the arm which shot the clawed palm.

Right at that moment, she shot her palm out to hit right at the elbow of the arm with the clawed palm. Sound of bone cracking followed. The man who shot the clawed palm at her was thrown about 5 meters away. His body was spinning uncontrollably just before he hit the ground.

GuoXiang did not wait, she leaped to where the man who attacked her hit the ground. Just before she got there, the man stood up, he turned and started running.

When GuoXiang landed, she bounced up again, then she leaned herself forward with her palmed flexed with her internal energy. When she was close enough, she shot her palm at the man back. The man was thrown to hit the wall of the estate hard, then he fell on the ground.

When GuoXiang got there, the man had died, his frontal bone and skull was smashed and broken into many pieces.

“Ay …” GuoXiang exclaimed, “I’ve accidentally killed him.” She had an uneasy feeling in her heart. She lifted her palms to look. “What reverend Jueyuan recited before he passed away was really a great internal energy cultivation method.” She was recalling to 13 years ago when she visited Shaolin and met reverend Jueyuan by chance. At the time, an unfortunate event played out accidentally which caused reverend Jueyuan to lose his life and a young boy named Zhang Junbao had to be on the run from Shaolin’s disciplinary monks.

Though, GuoXiang could not remember every sentences that reverend Jueyuan recited, but for the past 13 years, she had been practicing what she had memorized every night before she went to sleep. At this moment, she had realized, her internal energy level was quite high. With a single palm strike, she sent a man to his dead.

GuoXiang took a quick look at the man, his physical appearance showed, he had been practicing the Nine Yin White Bone Claw. Then she turned to look at where this dead man might have come out from. There was a stair which went down into an underground room. She took a torch which was attached at a pole near the stair, then she started walking down, her nose registered stench of something rotten. The stair took her down into a large room, the stench had gotten much stronger. The scene which she saw in that room was horrific, there were human corpses everywhere, each died from severe head wounds, five finger size holes at the skull directly at the top. She could not stand looking at the scene, so she ran out from the room. She stood in fear a little while her mind recalled what Baisun had said that he had trained many more men the dark art of Nine Yin White Bone Claw.

When GuoXiang got out, she heard lot of foot steps were coming toward her, it was the soldiers, so she threw the torch away and leaped on to the wall and jumped over to the other side. Then she continued running to try to see where Eunuch Lui and his disciple who were chasing an intruder had gone.

The area outside of the wall was covered with trees, hence, it was hard to see, however, GuoXiang kept running.

About 4 Li later, GuoXiang could see an opened area where there was no tree covered next to a long deep ravine. Though, it was night time, but it was full moon, so she could clearly see. Eunuch Lui and his disciple Baisun were fighting with that intruder man.

GuoXiang ran to stop at a tree, she looked out toward the fighting, the martial arts which Eunuch Lui and Baisun used were fast and furious. Each moves were meant to kill cruelly. As she kept observing, she felt, she had seen the moves before. It was very similar to her father’s martial art, but in a more cruel way. She knew then, it was the martial art from the Nine Yin manual. She recalled a sentence which her mother once said, “Most martial art and internal energy cultivation manual was very abstract, each practitioner would apply the methods in the manual based on their personality.” At this moment, she could see it with her own eyes. With her father kind hearted, his moves were elegant and deadly but able to stop at the moment that her father wished too. However, each of Eunuch Lui and Baisun moves had no intention to stop, it was meant to kill once the move had been launched.

Contrasting to Eunuch Lui and Baisun, the tall man who was fighting with them used a martial art style which GuoXiang had never seen. It was slow and soft. Sometimes, it looked like he was about to run, but suddenly he came back to attack which greatly surprised Eunuch Lui and Baisun. At one point, the tall man managed to launch his palms at both Eunuch Lui and Baisun in the same time. Both were thrown to be on the ground.

“Not bad at all …” GuoXiang praised the tall man quietly in her hiding spot. “What kind of martial art style is he using?”

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

Out at the clear area, instead of following through to finish the Eunuch Lui and Baisun, but the tall man stood tall like he was waiting for them to get up, so he could fight them fairly. Sure enough, Eunuch Lui and Baisun stood up. They have sustained some injuries, but it was not enough for them to give up just yet.

Baisun wiped the blood from his lips, then he asked arrogantly. “Your martial art is not bad, who is your Shifu?”

“That is not important.” The tall man said. “I am here today to look for a person who is responsible for the death of many innocents and I think I found the person.”

Eunuch Lui and Baisun were looking at each others face for a moment.

But the man continued, “Around XiangYang, many innocents have died from severe head injures, five finger size holes. I have been following both of you until here. I will ensure, you can’t harm anyone again.” The man said using very strong tone. “This kind of evil martial art must be eradicated.”

“Young man!” Eunuch Lui’s voice rose. “Do you know who I am? Even the emperor is listening to me!”

“I surely do sir.” The tall man politely replied. “Eunuch Lui, you provide ill advise to the emperor. Hero GuoJing is a real hero, he is protecting the innocents, but you try to tarnish his name. I can’t allow that.”

“So, you know me!” Eunuch Lui said, “Then, leave now! I will give you time, unless you won’t have a place to stand in the Central Plains.”

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

In her hiding spot, GuoXiang was listening with annoying feeling in her heart, she knew both Eunuch Lui and Baisun were fearing the tall man. “finish them off now!” she exclaimed, “That’s why they are using big words to make you looked small” without knowing herself that, it was too loud. Both Eunuch Lui and Baisun turned to looked toward her.

“Who are you?” Baisun’s voice echoed loudly toward GuoXiang. Then without waiting for any answer, he darted toward her.

In the same time, Eunuch Lui darted toward the tall man.

GuoXiang was startled, she reached to her sleeve to pull her sword, but she recalled, her sword had already been broken. So she stood up and leaped back into the shadow of the trees and jumped onto a branch of a tree. At the moment, she felt, she had stayed far too long and regretted that she did not run from this place when she could to warn her father and mother. Even though, she knew, her martial art and internal energy were at a high level, but she was not sure if she can match with Baisun. All these 13 years, she did not used her martial art much, hence, she had little experience.

When Baisun came into the shadow of the trees, he could easily sense GuoXiang’s heart beats and breathing, because at that moment, GuoXiang was in excitement.

When GuoXiang saw Baisun came toward her, she jumped from the branch which she was on to another branch on another tree.

Baisun followed her close behind.

As GuoXiang kept trying to get away, Baisun kept following, but he was getting angrier as each leap he made required him more energy which meant, he would have less energy to his deadly Nine Yin White Bone Claw.

GuoXiang felt, she did not want to use brute-force because of the injuries which she received from a palm strike with Baisun not long ago. So she put him on a contest of QingGong which she was really good at.

In the same time, the tall man who was fighting with Eunuch Lui started to be on the receiving end most of the time. Though, the tall man was using an out of ordinary fighting style, using soft to fight with hard, but it seemed, the tall man had not refined the style enough, hence, Eunuch Lui started to see pattern in the tall man movements and able to get the upper hand. In addition, being older, Eunuch Lui had had more experience.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

While the fighting had been going on, high above the area, a dark creature with giant wing was circling. It made distinct screeching sound. Its dark feathers gave high contrast against the full moon and clear sky.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

When GuoXiang heard the screeching sound, she exclaimed, “The Divine Eagle!” as she kept trying to get away from Baisun. Even though, she had the upper hand at that moment, but she really wanted to see if she was right, so she kept leaping up toward the higher branches of the tree, hence, she did not gain much distance away from Baisun.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

In the same time, the tall man who was fighting with Eunuch Lui was cornered, so he exchanged a palm strike with Eunuch Lui, the tall man body was thrown backward to hit the ground.

“Warm Yang Energy!” Eunuch Lui said, “So you and that woman are Shaolin’s disciple?” Then he leaped to stand in front of the man, then he pointed his index and middle finger at the man, “But Shaolin never accept any female disciple. You two must be those who secretly practiced Shaolin martial art. Ten years ago, the disciplinary monks were looking for you all over the Central Plains. Am I right?”

The tall man did not replied, he was trying to circulate his Qi.

“Today, I will help Shaolin get rid of bad disciple …” Eunuch Lui laughed, then he flexed his internal energy to his palm and about to strike the tall man. But suddenly, a shadow darted toward his front to receive his palm which caused his body to be thrown away from the tall man. When he hit the ground, he coughed out a big chunk of blood. Then he looked up a little to see a man with one arm who was helping the tall man to stand up. “The Divine Eagle Hero YangGuo!” he exclaimed in surprised.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

In the same time, when GuoXiang got to the top of a tree, she looked down a little and saw Baisun was about 5 meter below her, so she looked toward the sky, she was sure then, the creature was the Divine Eagle, she called out loudly, “Eagle Brother!”. From the spot where she stood, she saw a one arm man who was helping the tall man. Right at that moment, her blood rushed into her heart, tear drops flowed out from her eyes, “Brother Yang …” She whispered. She was about to call out louder, but she sensed cold Yin energy from behind her, she realized then, she was in grave danger. Baisun’s left palm hit right at her back. Her body flew forward from the top of the tree.

However, Baisun seemed to be in pain at the palm which he used to hit GuoXiang. It turned red suddenly and got swollen up. Right then, a long screeching sound came closer to him, then his body was grabbed by the Divine Eagle’s claws. The sharp eagle claws pierced into both of his shoulders which caused extreme pain.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

In the same time, while GuoXiang was falling fast toward the clear ground, suddenly, she felt an arm came to wrap around her and held up body to softly landed on the ground, she looked up to see the man whom she had been searching for the past 10 years was holding her right in his arm. She cried, “Brother Yang, finally, I’ve found you.” Then she passed out.

The tall man quickly ran to stand next to YangGuo, "Hero Yang … "

YangGuo passed the unconscious GuoXiang to him, “Brother Junbao, please be with her. I will take care of the dirt eunuch.” Then he leaped to where the Eunuch Lui was sitting. In the same time, the Divine Eagle brought Baisun onto the ground.

When YangGuo got close to the eunuch, he threw gold needles to embed themselves at a few important acupoints on Eunuch Lui’s head, he did the same with Baisun who was forced down on the ground by the Divine Eagle’s legs.

Both Eunuch Lui and Baisun suddenly lost control of their Qi circulation, their muscle became weak and unable to move.

“Divine Eagle Hero Yang …” Eunuch Lui pleaded, “Please do not take little person’s life.” But his eyes were scanning for a way out. “I will not do evil deed from now on, please spare little person.”

Yang Guo Laughed, “evil eunuch, you’ve changed quick.” Then he turned to look at the tall man who was holding GuoXiang in his arm.

“It was that General Zhang Hongfan who plotted the whole thing. It wasn’t me.” Eunuch Lui pleaded. “I swear to the heaven, I will not do any dirty deed from now on.”

Yang Guo turned to look at Eunuch Lui and laughed, “I know, I know … You won’t.” Then he turned away from the eunuch.

“Yes … Yes, hero Yang.” Eunuch Lui was nodding.

“Do you know why I know?” Yang Guo laughed again. “The gold needles in your head will control your good behavior. The places in your brain where the needles are in will cause pain if you try to exert your internal energy. If you do, the blood tubes in your brain will rupture which will render you to be just vegetable.”

While YangGuo was talking, he was very close to Eunuch Lui who knew, his only chance to survive was to attack YangGuo at this close range. He carefully grabbed a short knife from his boot and gathered the little energy which he had left and thrust the knife forward at Yang Guo’s leg.

But Yang Guo knew, a person like Eunuch Lui was very cunning, he turned to kick the hand that the eunuch was holding the knife, then he followed through with another kick at the eunuch’s abdomen area.

Eunuch Lui was launched toward the deep ravine. He screamed all the way until he hit the ground at the bottom of the ravine hard.

By then, the tall man walked with GuoXiang in his arm to stand next to YangGuo.

In the same time, YangGuo walked to see Baisun who was lying down quietly. Then he looked at the Divine Eagle, “Brother Eagle, you can let him go!”

When the tall man heard, he quickly said, “Hero YangGuo, this man knows a type of cruel martial art from the Nine Yin Manual.”

“Brother Junbao …” YangGuo said. “He won’t be able to use that again. The needles which I placed in his head cannot be removed. With his level of cultivation, if he tried to exert his internal energy, he will just drop dead. The Nine Yin White Bone Claw could be learned and cultivated very quickly, every time, one uses the art, it will cause enormous pressure to the blood vessels, hence, the vessels will easily rupture and caused internal bleeding which can’t be cured.” Then he looked directly at Baisun, “You are still young, I will let you live, however, If I ever see you again in the Central Plains, I will take your life.”

“Thank you Hero YangGuo.” Baisun cupped his hand. Then he stood up and slowly walking away toward the northwest direction. His body was swaying left and right as he walked.

Zhang Junbao was looking at GuoXiang who was still unconscious. He looked at her back and found no wounds from the palm strike which she received from Baisun.

“I believe, she is wearing a type of soft armor inside her clothes. When that man hit her, many tiny needles at armor reacted to the force and stood up like a porcupine’s skin.” Yang Guo said. “We must take her to let Long’Er take a look at her back.”

Then both heard signaling horns from inside the army compound.

“Hero YangGuo, what about that General surname Zhang?” Zhang Junbao asked.

“They are on alert. We will take care of him next time.” YangGuo coughed a little, then he placed his hand at his abdomen area. Then he looked at the Divine eagle who flapped its wings before it flew up into the night sky. Then YangGuo turned to Zhang Junbao and said, “Brother Eagle will distract them, let’s leave now.” Then he started walking.

Zhang Junbao nodded and followed YangGuo with GuoXiang in his arms. As he was walking to follow YangGuo, he could sense YangGuo’s breathing was uneven. For a man who had deep internal energy cultivation level, walking or running should not cause any unevenness in breathing pattern.

—— ^。ꞈ。^ ——

The Inheritance (Continue)

When GuoXiang opened her eyes again, she was on a bed. She looked to her left and right a few times, then she whispered, “Brother Yang! Heaven please, let this not be just a dream.”

Then a voice said gently, “Little Sister, it wasn’t a dream.”

GuoXiang sat up and saw YangGuo was standing with the tall man whom she saw last night.

“Brother Yang …” GuoXiang cried, “I finally found you, I finally found you.” Then she ran to hug YangGuo.

“Silly sister …” YangGuo said, “You mustn’t cry. I am sorry, I didn’t think you are still persisting all these years looking for me and Long’Er.”

GuoXiang kept crying in YangGuo’s chest for a long while. Then YangGuo sat her down on a chair and passed her a cup of tea.

After having a sip, GuoXiang looked at Zhang Junbao with puzzling expression.

“Miss Guo, I am Junbao.” Zhang Junbao said with his hands cupped. “We met last time at Shaolin over 10 years ago. Reverend Jueyuan was my master.”

Right then, GuoXiang recalled who he was. The little boy Zhang Junbao had grown into a young man. “How did you and Brother Yang meet?” She asked.

“In the past 6 months, there were many cases of people who were killed. Each died from severe head wounds. I have been looking for the person who is responsible, then I met Hero YangGuo who was also investigating.” Zhang Junbao replied. “We tracked them to the estate where I met you last night.”

Then they were talking for a moment about what had happened on the night before.

Then suddenly GuoXiang asked, “Brother Yang, where is sister Long? Is she here with you?”

YangGuo smiled with a nod, “Come with me.” He said. Then he walked GuoXiang out from the room. Outside of the room had a set of stone steps which took them up to another hall. Then a long tunnel took them outside. It was a beautiful lookout on top of a peak.

GuoXiang saw a lady who wore pure white. There was a little girl about 5 or 6 year old who stood next to the woman in pure white.

GuoXiang ran to them, she called “Sister Long.”

XiaoLongnu turned to look, the little girl followed. She had a beautiful smile. “Little sister, how are you?”

“Sister Long … I am so glad to have met you and Brother Yang again.” GuoXiang cried, then she looked at the little girl whom XiaoLongnu was holding her hand.

XiaoLongnu turned to look at the little girl, she said, “Xiang’Er, call Aunty Guo.”

The little girl politely said, “Aunty Guo.”

GuoXiang went on her knees to be on the same eyes level with the little girl, she held the little girl’s hand up. “Xiang’Er … ??” She said with a smile in a little puzzling tone, then she looked up at XiaoLongnu.

“Yes, aunty Guo, my name is Yang Xiang.” the little girl said.

XiaoLongNu smiled with a nod. “She looked like you when she was born, so I name her after you.”

GuoXiang turned to look at the little girl, then she pulled her to hug.

Right then, Zhang Junbao and YangGuo got there. Zhang Junbao bent down to look at the little girl. He smiled. “I am Junbao.”

The little girl looked at Zhang Junbao puzzlingly, so YangGuo said, “Xiang’Er, you must call him Junbao Gege.”

“Junbao Gege.” The little girl said.

Right then, YangGuo had a cough, then he placed his hand at his abdomen area again. XiaoLongnu quickly walked to hold his arm. “Guo’er, the pain … is back?”

Both Zhang Junbao and GuoXiang turned to look, their face showed a big concerning expression.

“I have something, I’d like to talk with both of you.” YangGuo said.

Both Zhang Junbao and GuoXiang nodded. GuoXiang held Yang Xiang’Er up in her arms, then they walked back inside.

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What’s this? A fan fiction?

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Looks like it.

@psksvp For the names, it is weird that you are using some of the names fused together like YangGuo and GuoXiang. It’s not how names are presented in pinyin. The common way is to separate the last name (aka family name) from the first name. So it should be Guo Xiang and Yang Guo. You got it right with Zhang Junbao.

For terms like qinggong, they can be presented without capitalisation.

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@DongfangBubai, I wouldn’t say, it’s a fiction, those words and sentences were in my head when I finished HSDS chapter 2, I have to write it out unless my brain would explode. :slight_smile: