The Location of The Green Willow Manor

In HSDS, Chapter 23, Zhang Wuji led the Ming Cult people from Brightness peak to go to the Central Plains. Several days after they entered Yumen Pass, they were invited by Zhao Min’s subordinates to the Green Willow Manor which was located at the Gan Liang area. Where is Gan Liang? Is it somewhere close to Chang’An (Xi’An)?

“Following a street made of green flagstones they arrived at the courtyard of a big manor. The manor was encircled by a small brook; the bank of the brook was full of green willow trees. To be able to see a Jiannan-like scenery in Gan Liang area, they felt refreshed.”

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Gan Liang is in modern day Gansu, spanning the cities of Zhangye and Wuwei.

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Thank you @Jenxi That makes sense, so the Gun Liang main road is going toward Chang’An. I wish I could visit the Green Willow Manor. :wink:


Given the historical importance Chang’an, I daresay all roads lead to Chang’an.