Translate WuxiaSociety

Hey guys,

To help improve the translation work across the community, we are setting up a Translate WuxiaSociety project.

The goal of the project is to create a centralised database of common translation terms and phrases to empower translators of all levels in their work and contribution to the Wuxia community.

Let us know if you are interested to become a part of this.

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before start that translation wuxiasociety project, i think we need to prioritize to back-up fans translation on spcnet first, if the owner wont extend the domain , which will expiry in Jan, 2021, then all the fans translation on there will vanish like a dust.

That’s a great point. Are we able to get people to help? Especially regulars on spcnet who are still active. Maybe try to get them to help to move things over.

I’ll help spread the word! Thanks for the hard work.

Won’t be much of a help but I can post my version, can filter the good bit from there and get rid of what might not be necessary.

SPCNet translation section seem quite quiet at lately but other area still active so I don’t think the Jan 2021 expiry might be an issue.