Translation: Mad Powers

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"Mad Powers"

Author: 月下吟

Translator: Wonder_Melody

Editor: Spiky_Cactus

A brief introduction (by author): Even as the strongest blade of the country, after a long battle, he was seriously injured. He chose to retire and become an ordinary college student. As an ancient martial artist, he beats the wicked and supports the others. If you think that you are mad, he is madder than you!

Chapter 1: 15-Year-Old College Exam Champ

Chen Qingyang never thought of himself as an unintelligent person; he was very smart. Otherwise, he would not take the College Entrance Exam at the age of fifteen. Even more surprisingly, he got a perfect score!

However, Chen is having a headache just by looking at this ancient book in front of him. The pages of the book already turned yellow, giving off a scent of years of hardships it had been through. Just by looking at it, you can tell that it’s surely old. It’s filled with unrecognizable characters in which Chen had researched hundreds of books and still hadn’t figured out yet.

“This old and useless book made so many people insane, I don’t know whether it is sad or ridiculous.” Chen shrugged boringly, then closed the book and placed it back on the shelf.

It was deep into the night and Chen yawned lazily. Under the illumination of the light, his face looked sick and pale.

“After resting well for a year, I finally returned to life,” Chen muttered to himself.

Just as Chen was about to fall asleep, a black shadow flashed quickly in front of his window, like a ghost.

Before Chen was able to react, a black shadow appeared behind him. The door is still closed, how did the shadow come in?

“What is it?” Chen turned around without hesitation and said in a low voice. He never liked others to bother him in the middle of the night

“Master, I found the person you asked for.” The shadow said lowered his head; he wore a black fang mask on his face, looking cold and gloomy.

“Where?” Chen’s eyes narrowed, and his pale face seemed brightened.

“Fuhai University.” The shadow then handed Chen a document folder.

Chen opened the folder, and on the first page, there was a picture of an attractive young girl.

Staring at the picture of the girl, Chen almost lost his mind.

After a while, he waved, and the shadow suddenly disappeared in front of him. Then he picked up his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Chen Bailang, I want to attend Fuhai University,” Chen Qingyang said strong and directly to the phone.

Chen Bailang was stunned for a long time before he finally reacted in his rude voice, “You little son of a b****, why do you call me so late in the night for this nonsense!?”

On the other end of the phone was a middle-aged man with a gold necklace thicker than his fingers around his neck, full of the vulgarity of his wealth.

Some “Tut, tut, tut” sound came from the phone, Chen Bailang gave a bitter laugh and placed his phone down.

“Ying, go and help me get an admission notice from Fuhai University.” Chen Bailang said to the graceful woman beside him.

“Boss, who dared to call you so late in the night and made you get up yourself to get a freaking college admission notice?” The woman’s voice was slightly surprised, while she hugged Chen Bailang’s neck with her jade-like hands.

“My son.” Chen Bailang said angrily.

“Ah, it’s a request from our Young Master! I’ll get it right away.” The woman let go of her hands and was about to turn away.

“Don’t be in a rush, let’s finish our business first.” Chen Bailang laughed and turned over on to the bed.

Later in the night, Chen Qingyang lay in bed with a yellowish photograph of a man and a woman in military uniforms. The man stood upright, his mouth raised gently, and drew a slightly disrespectful smile. The woman hugged the man next to her with one hand. The smile was naive.

It can be vaguely seen that the man with that simile was Qingyang, but his face is younger, while the woman next to him who was full of spirit seems to be similar to the woman on the document.

That night, Qingyang fell asleep with the photo in his arms. While he slept, two lines of tears came down from the corners of his eyes.


During breakfast the next day, Qingyang told his grandmother that he will be going to study at Fuhai University. Just as the old lady was able to make some disagreeing comments, Qingyang stubbornly repeated to her. She was left with no choice but to agree.

Before she can even finish her breakfast, the old lady called Chen Bailang. She scolded at him for being such a selfish “white-eyed wolf”, then repeatedly reminded him to send more people to protect Chen Qingyang’s safety. She even said ruthlessly that if her grandson got hurt in Fuhai University, she will kill Bailang.

Chen Bailang, who was at the other end of the phone, dared not to even spit out a single word. He promised every request that she had asked before the old lady was willing to hang up.

The reason why the old lady was so nervous about Qingyang leaving was that he suddenly disappeared at the age of fifteen. He was not kidnapped, nor could anyone find any clues, he disappeared without a sign.

Chen Bailang initiated all his relationships, and even offered a reward of 100 million yuan, yet failed to get even any information about Chen Qingyang’s disappearance. It was the first time that Chen Bailang, the most powerful man in the whole Southern economical world, felt hopeless.

Just as everyone thought that the talented teenager, who scored the top score on the Exam, had evaporated into the thin air, eight years later, he surprisingly came back without warning.

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Chapter 2: The Four Devils

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