Unabridged The Book and Sword translation?

Anyone know if there’s an unabridged translation of Jin Yong’s The Book and Sword? I tried clicking the .epub and .mobi links on this website, but they’re broken.

I like to listen along with a mandarin audiobook, which doesn’t work so well with the official abridged translation.

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nope. unfortunately there is no unabridged version of the book and the sword

We could work on it if there’s a demand. I’ll update the links in the mean time. The files were moved to Dropbox to help reduce the hosting costs. We get a lot of traffic and downloads but unfortunately our regular donors have stopped supporting us since the pandemic started, so it’s been a little tough.

Appreciate the info. Just started reading Jin Yong for the first time, and was planning on going through in publication order among whatever novels were available in translation.

welcome to Jin Yong fans club , Ryan.

The book and the sword - unabridged version

sword stained with royal blood - no english translation yet

the young flying fox - incomplete translation

DGSD = mix edition 2 and edition 3

the rest is fine

I’m contemplating working on Third Edition DGSD from scratch. It makes sense with a translation system because then, I’d say at least 90% or more of Second Edition would be also translated.

Check out this page for the books in both release and chronological orders