Updates and new forum!

As you can see, we have a new look!

Important! Due to the database migration and to ensure maximum security, all users must change their passwords. Go to Login > Forgot password to reset your password.

This change was made to deal with the number of spam posts and bot accounts that threatened to cripple the forum. Some of you reached out about the lockdown of the forums. Yes, it was that bad that I had to disable the forums to stop the spam.

The new forum puts the focus on the discussion. No bells and whistles to distract us. Just post and share your thoughts. Discuss and, well, do what a community does. Interact.

To keep things minimal, we will only have a few tags to start with.

Four are the main categories and your topics must be tagged with at least one of these.

  • Official - for official announcements and updates, for staff use only
  • Translation - anything related to translations
  • Jianghu - all community related posts
  • Feedback - suggestions and bug reports

There is only one topic tag Jin Yong but we will be adding more as our discussions increase in scope.

If you are familiar with Markdown, be glad that the new editor works with it. BBCode works as well, but I haven’t tested that since I don’t use that much nowadays. Markdown FTW. Let me know if you have issues with BBCode.

Enjoy and have fun!


finally! been waiting to get back into this

Good to be back! Thank you!

About time. Focus more on the discussions and less on the cosmetics. Let’s kick this back to life!

Good to see another familiar face!

Wow looking good. Thanks for the hard work!

Dropping by to say hi. Thanks for the help with the password @Jenxi

Good to be back! Thanks for the work getting this done!

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@DongfangBubai Good to have you back and that’s all that matters :wink:

flies in I’m here as well!

@Zixia! Our resident fairy is back!

I like how the quote option appears after I highlight what I want to quote! :grin:

I kinda miss the old emojis :cry:

A little quiet around here though… where’s everyone?

Reading Xianxia maybe?

I miss the Onions but win some lose some I guess. This forum rocks on the phone. So great to read and post from the phone.

Just been busy but it’s good to see you guys still active. I’ll try to post more! Few ideas on my mind.

still holding my breath

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oops sorry to leave you hanging. Was distracted and then life kidnapped me.

I’m waiting too… :unamused::unamused::unamused:

It happens but it seems like anticipation is building up among the people here :laughing: