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Greetings, wanderer.

Welcome to the wuxia community on WuxiaSociety.

This forum pays homage to wuxiasociety.org that was once regarded as the leading wuxia community. The unfortunate demise of that site has scattered the wuxia community across several forums. When I revived WuxiaSociety, the focus has been to provide good quality translations of wuxia literature.

A forum was set up here a while ago, but a lack of activity coupled with technical issues led to me pulling the plug and focus on the translations. There have been requests for a forum recently and with the increasing traffic we are getting on this site, I felt that the time is right to set up a forum again.

Keep sharing your passion in and knowledge of the wuxia genre. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Thank you for setting this up! I’m so glad wuxia society is resurrected. Not sure how best to get word out to the old forum members, tho.

Just doing my part for the community. :slight_smile: You can help to spread the word! I have posted on SPCnet previously but that doesn’t seem to have done much. There are too many forums out there. I think the community scattered after the original WuxiaSociety went down.

I definitely will. Hopefully, in time, old members will find us. Wanderers always find their ways somehow. I was so bummed when the original went down that I didn’t “look” until recently…don’t know what happened to guy running it; just hope nothing bad.

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That’ll be great. It is quite sad to see the forums going down again and again. All the hard work and the valuable content are gone. Even Wuxiapedia is gone.


I’m new here.

Hail, Swordsman. Well met. Took me a while to respond because I’ve been on the road a lot recently.

Thanks for setting this up!