What are the most notable factions in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils?

I’m working on a page about the factions in DGSD. Which would you consider the major factions in the novels? I have a list that I’ve worked out but I’d like to have your views before sharing it.

By major, I mean in terms of influence. reputation and power. A faction might be huge because of its size, but it a small one might still be considered major because of its reputation.


Beggars Sect, Shaolin Sect of course. Tianlong Temple is famous too and related to the royal family. The others are small and not notable if you ask me.

  1. Beggar sect (gaibang)
  2. Carefree sect (xiaoyao)
  3. Shaolin
  4. Vulture palace (lingjiu palace)
  5. Alliance of 72 islands and caves
  6. Heavenly Dragon temple (tian long temple)
  7. Xingxiu sect

other famous but small organization:

  • Gusu Murong of Canhe Manor
  • First class elite of xi xia
  • mute-deaf sect

Tianlong Temple is part of the Dali Duan Clan. I guess given their weight in politics and governance I think they also qualify.

The Gusu Murong Clan is famous because of Murong Fu. “Qiao Feng in the North, Murong in the South.”

Western Xia First-rank Hall is notable but would be a tier below the others, at the very least simply by virtue of them not having a single person who’s as famous compared to the other factions.

Xingxiu Sect and Deaf Mute Sect are splinters of Xiaoyao Order. I’m hesitant to place them on the same level as the others like Beggars’ Guild and Shaolin Order. Lingjiu Palace and the Alliance of 36 Caves & 72 Islands are sizeable factions like the Beggars’ Guild.

Duan Clan and Murong Clan are famous for certain martial arts, just like Xiaoyao Order. So at most Xingxiu and Deaf Mute sects are at this level, but probably rank just below.

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Tian Long Temple isn’t really big though. I would put it under famous but small. Same for Xiaoyao and Xingxiu.

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Can’t argue with this. But it really depends on what you mean. How do you define notable? Famous? Do they have to be big like Shaolin and Gaibang? Or can they be notable if they are small but famous. Atumiwa already named those.

Would we even consider the 72 islands and caves as notable? They are big but I don’t think they are famous in the jianghu.

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Good question, one that I’m also still trying to come up with an answer to. I’m still thinking how to present the Beggars’ Guild and Shaolin Order since they appear in so many series.