What if Wei Xiaobao tried?

Imagine if WXB was very hardworking and tried his hardest in martial arts, while continuing to be as cunning and sly as he is. He learns from Mao Shiba, then Hai Dafu, Chen Jinnan, Shaolin’s Chengguan , maybe a bit from Hong Antong, and finally Jiunan. How powerful can he become by the end of the story (mid 30s?)

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hmmm interesting, though I’d say it’s hard to gauge given that he had so many wives he had to spend time with.

@Jenxi Hey! Tsk tsk!

@oca2073 It’s all up for speculation. The sky’s the limit isn’t it? I think the QUESTION would be how the different martial arts would work together or maybe their training are antagonistic. :thinking:

That’s a good point. In any case, he probably won’t be able to accomplish as much if he had to focus so much on martial arts.

I don’t think wei xiaobao will try. It is just not in his character.

Yeah he’ll find ways around it probably

wei xiaobao never learned from mao shiba, mao shiba want him to be his disciple, but WXB refused.

end of story, wxb age is not 30s, but 10s (about 19 or max. 20 years).

he also learned a little bit MA from one of his wife, Su Quan,who was ex-wife of leader Hong and 1 kind of poison from He tieshou and many grappling moves from Kangxi.

back to topic, if he is hardworking, and determine to martial arts, he should be strongest character only below Jiunan, Chen Jiannan, and leader Hong. he is intelligent when learning martial arts he likes (Shen Xing Bai Bian’s Jiunan)

who else would have been great if they really tried?