What's your first wuxia series?

What’s the first ever wuxia series you watched or read? Was it the one that got you hooked on this genre? If not, which series got you hooked?

For me, I can’t remember which series is the first or which got me hooked. I grew up watching wuxia series and even the bad ones were a lot of fun for kids as long as there’s a lot of action, flying around and crazy moves that we would then imitate in class.

I only really got into the wuxia genre after reading Laughing Proudly at the World aka The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

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that’s so long ago now… I think it was return of the condor heroes

I am just reading my first wuxia novel at 30 yo, but I grew up watching wuxia series with my dad. We would stay up all night on weekends and watch through the entire series, only stopping to eat and use the bathroom. Recently, I decided to wander around youtube, straying from my usual videos and came across the 2019 HSDS series. I was instantly hooked on the nostalgia. I watched through the entire series in 2 weeks (it would have been a lot faster if I wasn’t a mom). After speaking to my partner, I decided it wasn’t healthy for me to do that again. So I called the local store and ordered LOCH. I’ve been reading it to my daughter every night at bedtime and she loves it. My childhood love for wuxia has been renew and I can’t wait to dip into the fan fiction.

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How does the series compared to what you watched before?

I thought it was pretty good until the love interest between Wuji and Mei Mei became the focus. The ending felt very very rushed. I missed Yang Xiao in the final battle scenes. He was a stand out character for me. Id watch again but I wish they would have thrown in another 5 episodes and wrapped it up properly.

I haven’t seen this version, but Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min’s relationship is quite important for him as a character after what he went through with Zhou Zhiruo. To me it helped to define him as who he came to be.

Yes I absolutely agree. Although from what I read, the series as a very different ending than the book and previous TV adaptations. I just felt that too much of the focus was on their relationship and not enough on other matters.

my phone definitely messed up the spelling for Min Min. I have no idea how to edit a post.

Not really a fan of the adaptations changing events or endings. I’ll check it out anyway.

It’s ok we definitely understood that. :wink: