Who passed 九阴真经 to Wang Chong Yang?

Hi, i am currently reading 射雕 and there is a part which i am somewhat confused. the 九阴真经 was written by a 黄裳. He hid the 经书 before he died, but somehow, the books appeared in the 武林界 and everyone was fighting and killing one another to get hold of the books. To the extent that 东邪,西毒,南帝, 北丐 and 中神通 were also involved. These Top 5 武林高手 met at 华山绝顶论剑, whoever is Top will get to keep the books. 中神通 (王重阳) emerged top. So he kept the 2 books (上下册). My question is, who passed him the books?!! If the books were held by someone else, why would the person passed the books to Wang Chong Yang? Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!


They agreed that the winner would get to keep the manuals, and they did so because it was the honourable thing to do. And besides, if anyone tried to do anything funny the other four would have dealt with him somehow.

My speculation is that the manuals were held by one or two among the five. If everyone was getting killed over the manuals, then the only ones that had chances of surviving would be them. Instead of killing each other over the manuals, they chose to duel to determine the champion.

I think this is a great question. However, the author didn’t even mentioned who and why passed the books to Wang ChongYang. So any answer would be speculations.

Let me made my story. Huang Shang wrote the books and hid them underground of his house. Years later, a wealthy man bought the house and try to dig a basement. The books were found. The wealthy man tried to read but didn’t understand it, since the book is based on Taoism. One day, a local Taoist priest visit this wealthy man for charity, and then acquire the book as a donation. Although the priest cannot fully understand the books, he still learnt something and became a mid-level master. The secret of the books were found and other masters (武林高手) started killing each other for the books. Wang ChongYang heard the news and tried to seek for them. When he arrived the battlefield, all the people there are either died or seriously injured. Then, Wang ChongYang got these books and considered them as a curse to the WuLin (武林). However, the other top masters heard the news as well and eager to read the books. They found Wang ChongYang and tried to rob. Wang ChongYang knew that he can’t defeat the other masters if they are united together. Then he came up with an idea that holding a contest at Hua moutain (华山) and find out who is the No.1 master (天下第一).

And you’ve known the story afterwards.

Please let me know if my story is reasonable.

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That’s a plausible theory. It doesn’t matter that much about who found the manuals or who possessed it after. Whoever it was, they were no match for the Five Greats.