Who would you cast: Zhang Wuji

Now that we have the two female leads out of the way, time for the protagonist.

Alec Su is a great Zhang Wuji.

I’m a fan of Deng Chao but his brooding look doesn’t really fit the role IMHO. What do you think?
Deng Chao

Dicky Cheung might fit but he’s on the other end of the spectrum and fits Wei Xiaobao better IMO.
Dicky Cheung


Oooooh! Dicky is a good suggestion! But he looks a bit too mischievous. I haven’t seen the Deng Chao version. That’s one of the actual HSDS adaptation right? Not some random casting you thought up.


Yeah Deng Chao was Zhang Wuji in the 2009 HSDS.

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Why are there more votes for the female roles than the male one?? Tsk tsk… guys…

Xiao Zhao! Obvious choice given how popular he is now!

And Song Yaxuan just because.

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Well… :joy:

Xiao Zhan could probably pull it off.