WuGong == Martial Art?

What is WuGong? Is it what is called “Internal Energy”?


Wugong is martial arts skills, but it’s not just the internal energy. It’s more like all the martial arts skills you can have. Qi is just one part of it.

Thank you.

Toward the end of the HSDS, XiaXundestroyed his own WuGong. What does the word “Destroyed” mean? Does it mean XiaXun forgot all his martial art skills?

It’s not really forgetting. Martial arts cultivation in wuxia novels refer to both physical and inner energy. Destroying their own martial arts abilities can range from destroying the meridian flows such that they no longer have any inner energy cultivation, to more severe ways such as severing their tendons. The latter is harsher ways of doing that will leave the victim disabled or even permanently paralysed.