Wuxia games recommendation

Does anyone here know about some decent wuxia games out there, whether mobile or pc-based? So far it seems that most of such games are rather shortlived and get discontinued really fast. Perhaps due to low fan-base?

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mobile game we have ganghood arena

Yeah they don’t get traction I guess. I was playing nice MMO called 9Dragons based on Jin Yong universe but they killed it.

I used to play Age of Wulin, which is what got me into wuxia in the first place. After having read some novels, it was amazing to see how much lore is incorporated into the game. You can battle at Mt. Hua for the 5 Greats title, or even castrate yourself and learn Sunflower manual, join wudang emei etc etc. the scenery was top-notch too. Sadly it has become pay to win and now only people willing to spend thousands for char levelling remain there…It will always be my favourtie game though.

I tried the game game and I like it. Thank you for the recommendation.

good if you like it, but it’s only about Jin Yong’s heroes , there is no Gu Long or LYS’ heroes


Currently I’m playing Wuxia World on mobile, there isn’t much Wuxia game and surprising this game is no hand holding very Wuxia orientated game.

I’m always on the lookout for more game but there isn’t any.

A Buy To Play upcoming seem pretty good if you are into MMORPG, it call Swords of Legend. A few of they Wuxia World players I know might be playing this once it is release.

For offline game there is also: Amazing Cultivation, but it more of a simulator and micro-management so I didn’t like it.

There used to be some good ones. 9Dragons was pretty good but it withered and died.

You can try this updated remake of a classic, Tale of Wuxia. I actually worked on the crowdsourced English translation. If you encounter some pretty decent sentences amidst the Baidu translated ones, that was probably me:slight_smile:

Basically you’re this nobody NPC who ends up joining the Xiaoyao Sect due to a twist of events. Spend 4 years training martial arts to become a wuxia hero admired by all…or spend it fishing, mining, smithing, learning arts and crafts, exploring the town and hanging out with all the other denizens of the Martial World. I find that while most other games are pretty good at telling you a wuxia story, this one comes the closest to letting you actually experience the atmosphere and “feel” of living in a wuxia setting for reals.

It’s also got a prequel here 侠客风云传前传(Tale of Wuxia:The Pre-Sequel) on Steam

Also if you don’t mind an older game, there’s also Jade Empire by Bioware.