Xianxia anyone?

Anyone here’s into xianxia? I know we are a wuxia forum but there is many similarities between the two genres.

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Haven’t dabbled much in this genre but it is so popular the past few years

Do they talk about immortals like Zixia in the Chinese Odyssey?

I think they do. Any xianxia experts in the house?

Yeah because it’s a breath of fresh air in the west.

There should be a fan fiction of that at least! Haha! There are some xianxia with immortals. Many in fact.

I wonder why. You get elves or other races that are pretty much immortal too in western fantasy.

it’s all about the oriental setting

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Not that big a fan. But it’s a refreshing genre. Good to see new ideas other than western style fantasy.

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I’d say it’s an old genre. Just saw a resurgence recently due to a newfound interest in the genre.

In a way, it’s like an oriental fantasy genre.

I read some. We have A Martial Odyssey here on WuxiaSociety. Yay!

Check out the tv series Ice Fantasy.

What’s the Chinese name for reference?

@liubei Yay!

“Ice Fantasy” was made into a TV series. You can find clips or episodes on YouTube. I think they are working on a sequel but set in modern times.

I’ll check it out. Thanks!