Zhu Xian aka Jade Dynasty

Anyone read this? They made a TV series based on this novel. The TV series is called Noble Aspirations.

It is a pretty good novel about how the orthodox isn’t necessary good, and cults aren’t all evil. Kind of like Heavenly Sword and Dragon-Slaying Saber.


Haven’t gotten to reading it but I watched the series. The theme isn’t new but they placed a lot of emphasis on that in the series. Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre was more subtle about it, I feel.

Interesting. I’ve never heard of this. Can’t find much information either, at least in English. Anyone care to share more?

@Tri-Star These are from a quick search:

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Not quite my cup of tea. Don’t they make dramas about immortals like me anymore?

It seems to be the trend. Look at Hua Qian Gu. Maybe people need more obvious hints or in their face kind of moral of the story.

Definitely check it out!

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I watched bits of it. Seems interesting but I need to really watch it to comment. I’ve heard it starts off slow though. MC was a kid with no abilities whatsoever.

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It is a little slow but it picks up.

I’ve seen it. Bits of it. Well, more than bits. Very fantasy. Spoilers ahead.

Protagonist turning evil feels cliche but it worked. I wonder how it compares with the novel.

@Jenxi is there a way to hide spoilers? Would share more but I don’t want to post spoilers without hiding them. Or at least make the warning prominent enough.

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Not at the moment. I’m looking into this though. Let’s see if there’s enough demand to give this more priority over the other tasks.

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We’re all nice people in the community. Haven’t seen anyone who’s here to spoil things.

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Yeah, I think the exchange of ideas is more important all these features that are good to have but not must have.

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