Any bloggers/vloggers want to review my novel?

I just published my wuxia-themed novella on Amazon and Spotify. I’m hoping to have some reviewers comment on it and can send out a free copy to them. Also, I’m happy to private message a free Spotify code for the first 20 casual fans of wuxia who just want to listen to it for free (but honest ratings and reviews are highly appreciated).

What’s it about? Quick summary of it can be found here on my Youtube page:
Story summary

Kindle page in case you want to read the summary instead:
Kindle page

Is this still available?

Hey Ange,

Yes, it is. Do you want to private message me regarding your email for me to send you either the Spotify code or actual book and info about your blog/vlog? You can also message me on X/Twitter @dubiouslores. Thanks for your interest!


Btw, you can also email me at

This seems really… dubious… indeed? No offence but I suggest you post more and contribute to the community…. instead of dropping in with a self-promotion. It’ll help you gain more followers and people interested to check out a novel by a community member… instead of some stranger making a shameless plug to leech traffic. I’ll admit I’m not the most active person on the boards… I tend to lurk more but I really find this quite distasteful… in all due respect.

Actually, it is disrespectful to jump into a conversation where it does not concern you. If you do this in real life, you’ll end up having a very bad day.

I agree that it’s not very tactful, but always assume good faith. I’m sure @liubei meant it as a positive feedback. While it’s not good forum etiquette to jump on a forum for the sake of self-promotion, I believe that’s not your sole intention for joining our community. I’d put it down to a need to improve our welcome system and structure so newcomers like you can have a better on-boarding experience.

Do introduce yourself to the community and feel free to hang out on Discord as well. I noticed that that there are no comments on YouTube or Kindle after four months. Maybe some community engagement would help get our members interested to check it out.