SPCNET translation back up

As a member of the SPCNET forum for over 13 years, I’ve watched the site decline despite its thriving community. As some of you might be aware, there are many issues with spcnet such as outdated code and outdated forum software that makes the site very vulnerable.

As @atumiwa suggested, we should try to backup the translations in case anything goes wrong. SPCNET most likely has their own backup but just to be safe, we should start to move the fan translations over. If you are interested to help out, please leave a comment.

Meanwhile, I think we can start off by listing the known translations here, especially the completed ones.

Completed Jin Yong Works.

A Deadly Secret
Translated by devilz91

The Deer and The Cauldron
Translated by foxs

Demi-gods and Semi-devils
Translated by Moinllieon, Pacifian

Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber
Translated by Meh, Foxs et al

Legend of the Condor Heroes
Translated by Moin, Foxs et al

Return of the Condor Heroes
Translated by Moin, Noodles, Foxs et al

Smiling Proud Wanderer (State of Divinity)
Translated by Lanny Lin, Pokit, Hhuang

Sword of Yueh Maiden
Translated by Anonymous, edited by RelicNT

White Horse Neighing in the Wind
Translated by Junzi, goobernaculum

Completed Gu Long Works

Borderland Wanderer
Translated by Bliss et al

The Celebrity
Translated by Tiger Wong, KangXi, Paul, fastclock

Dragon King with Seven Stars
Translated by deathblade

Flying Eagles in 9th Month
Translated by Fastclock

A Happy Hero
Translated by TigerWong, Hoju

Heroes Shed No Tears
Translated by Deathblade

Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre
Translated by Ren Wo Xing, et al

Legendary Siblings
Translated by Athena, Jean et al

Lu Xiao Feng Series Books 1-7 (complete series)
Translated by Moin, Jenny, Ren Wo Xing, foxs

Righteous Blood Cleansing the Silver Spear
Translated by kaister

Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword
Translated by Meh, Bliss et al

7 Killers
Translated by Deathblade

7 Weapons series Book 1 Longevity Sword
Translated by Huang Yao Shi, Fastclock et al

7 Weapons series Book 2 Peacock Feather
Translated by fastclock

The Sword and Exquisiteness
Translated by Athena

Sword of the Third Young Master
Translated by kara, chowbeng, xJadedx, Ren Wo Xing, Darkaos, Justin Lu, Kaister

Complete works by other authors

Assorted Short Stories by Wen Rui’an
Translated by whiteskwirl

Kung Fu by Giddens Ko
Translated by Deathblade
Genre: Horror, Comedy, Martial Arts, Wuxia
Note: This is not a pure wuxia story. It takes place in modern times, and is about a boy who learns martial arts from a mysterious old man. It has multiple references to the works of Jin Yong and Gu Long.

Legend of the White Haired Maiden
Translated by faerie queene and foxs by Liang Yusheng

A Step Into the Past by Huang Yi
Translated by Jean, slyphiad, Justin 13

main priority to backup:

  • Legendary Siblings by Gu Long

*Hero Sheds no Tear by Gu Long

  • Lu Xiaofeng series all seven books

  • Xiao Li Fei Dao series (4 novel) by Gu Long

  • Sword of the third young master by gu long

  • Righteous Blood Cleansing the Silver Spear

  • 7 Weapons series Book 1 Longevity Sword

  • 7 Killers

  • A step into the past by Huang Yi
    done (still ms word file, not convert to epub yet):

  • the Sword and Exquisiteness

  • the Celebrity


I sent you an email in regards to this.


Got it and replied too.

One thing I like is the Translator comments and ‘hidden secret’ in the forum post that might serve as valuable information. If you do plan to backup, I think these information should be kept somewhere at end of the novel (or start).

These information isn’t available in the unabridged thread though, can only be discovered in the “live” translation page.

done backup:

  • Legendary Siblings
  • heroes sheds no tear
  • xiao li fei dao book 1

This old thread of Ebook Versions of wuxia has some ebook format versions other people made already. Don’t think all the links are still up, but I remember grabbing a few books from here.


thanks Ryan, some of the download links are still alive, haha

did you have a chance to backup these?

7 Weapons series Book 2 Peacock Feather (Gu Long)
by fastclock
The Tale of Refining the Sword Like Cleansing the Flower translation (Gu Long)

The Flower Guarding Bell - has been published (Gu Long)
Hu Hua Ling (The Flower Guarding Bell) translation
by Yufeng

Ping Zong Xia Ying Lu Translation (Liang Yu Sheng)
by mawguy

Seven Swordsmen of Mt Heaven Summary Translation
by yenchin

Reincarnated (Tian Can Bian) by Huang Ying
by chickenfeet

Bai Yu Lao Hu (The White Jade Tiger) Translation
by chickenfeet

Xiao ShiYi Lang Book 2-Huo Bing Xiao Shi Yi Lang translation
by temujin, chickenfeet, Rayon

Full Moon Curved Sabre translation by Gu Long
by Junny, Dragon Gu, yufeng

Chu LiuXiang’s Legend of the Bat (蝙蝠传奇)
by fastclock

The Swordsman’s Journey translation by Gu Long (劍客行)
by Yufeng
Sword Bathed in Flowers (incomplete)

Three Heroes and Five Gallants [Sanxia Wuyi 三俠五義]
by whiteskwirl

Wen Rui’an’s “A Spear of Alarm” 惊艳一枪
by huangyushi

OFFICIAL Peerless Sword (無雙劍) Translation News Thread (complete)
by whiteskwirl
Song of the Exile – Yun Zhongyue*

Hi all - n00b here, but would love to help out if I can! Is there a list of which novels are backed up already somewhere and which ones aren’t? It seems that in the translation section of this a lot of the works still point to SPCNET.

CC @Jenxi @atumiwa

Let’s see if there are any updates from @atumiwa#1872

To anyone who wants to help like @IcyMissile please email the files (ideally in plain text files) to jenxi@wuxiasociety.com

There have been lot of talk about saving stuff. Where to? Where is all this stuff that people save?

Please save them locally in plaintext files and email them to me.

I guess I’m not really asking how to do it, but more about the long term plans.

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Ah, right. That’s a great question. It will take some time since the text were posted in a forum in individual posts. We will have to optimise the text for website and post them on our main site.

You can refer to Translations - WuxiaSociety for the translations.

Good News!!

the owner just recently extended the domain for 1 year.
so we can relax at least for now

Whois Record for sPcNet.tv

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WOZ.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM (has 17,920,132 domains)

More time for us, but we should still work on this. The software there has quite a bit of issues.

Is there anything big we’re still missing? Mostly the stuff I have is epubs other people made, I think I shared most of the links to stuff I found already earlier in the thread, but if there’s additional stuff I could probably help copy and pasting into text documents.

It’ll be great to have a master list of what’s been backed up so far by different people so we know what’s available. I haven’t received much back ups via emails so please do send me if anyone have backed them up.

Bro I want the file, where I can download thoose

We don’t have them available for download yet.