Your favorite Jin Yong novels

Which is your favourite Jin Yong series? And why?

Here’s a list of his novels taken from the site:

  • The Book and the Sword (書劍恩仇錄) (1955–56)
  • Sword Stained with Royal Blood (碧血劍) (1956)
  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes (射鵰英雄傳) (1957–59)
  • Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (雪山飛狐) (1959)
  • The Return of the Condor Heroes (神鵰俠侶) (1959–61)
  • Other Tales of the Flying Fox (飛狐外傳) (1960–61)
  • White Horse Neighing in the Wind (白馬嘯西風) (1961)
  • Blade-dance of the Two Lovers (鴛鴦刀) (1961)
  • Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (倚天屠龍記) (1961–63)
  • A Deadly Secret (連城訣) (1963)
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部) (1963–66)
  • Ode to Gallantry (俠客行) (1966–67)
  • The Smiling Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖) (1967–69)
  • The Deer and the Cauldron (鹿鼎記) (1969–-72)
  • Sword of the Yue Maiden (越女劍) (1970)

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  1. The Book and the Sword (書劍恩仇錄)

  2. The Smiling Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖)

My 2 favourite stories/novels/series.

  1. The Book and the Sword (書劍恩仇錄) because of Huo Qing Tong. She is my fave female protagonist. She is courageous, tactical, intelligent, high EQ, and holds a lot of male traits that are deemed respectful. A true heroine.

  2. The Smiling Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖) because of Ling Hu Chong. He is my fave male protagonist. His free-natured personality, his own scale and understanding of what is right and wrong, which is often truer than what is accepted by Jiang Hu. He has a slack appearance, but is actually more righteous than any other so called ‘nobleman’.

You haven’t told us your favourite @FlyingDagger.


My favourite is Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. Laughing Proudly at the World is a close second. I love how Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is split into three perspectives and emphasises the brotherly love between the three protagonists. I like how Jin Yong portrayed how the world is not black and white in Laughing Proudly at the World. Evil exists within good organisations and good exist within evil cults.


笑傲江湖 is my favourite…

Ling Hu Chong the only protagonist who uses sword only. don’t look things at its surface…

射鵰英雄傳 is my 2nd favourite.

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I just like the name 笑傲江湖 itself and Lin Hu Chong represents those four words exactly. It really gives a certain feel to what Jiang Hu is all about.

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Indeed. But not many gained a greater understanding of the jianghu. In fact, it can be applied in the modern world. How people lock themselves in conflicts simply because they do not see the bigger picture.


I’m still slowly working my way through the books. While I really enjoyed ‘The Book and the Sword’ the story I remember the best is ‘Ode to Gallantry’. It was just so funny and over-the-top! (Was it supposed to be?).

I suspect ‘Fox Volant’ was probably very clever in the original, but it lost a lot in the translation I read. I could still appreciate the artful plot structure, though.

I reserve the right to change my mind as I read more!

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it’s a balance. you can capture the essence but end up being hard to read. goes both ways

My choice is Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre simply because of Zhao Min.

Deer and the Cauldron. Wei Xiaobao is a very fun and endearing character, his wives even more so.

Indeed. My dog is named after him :laughing: Just that he doesn’t have any wives yet.

I’ve watched many of these but I’ve never read the novels. Does it count?

These are my favourites (so many I know!):

  • Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014
  • Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008
  • Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2003
  • Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2003
  • Deer and the Cauldron 2000
  • Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain 2006
  • State of Divinity 1996

Does he have the personality to match his namesake? :joy:

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No prizes for guessing my fave. The Smiling Proud Wanderer. Love how the title is translated here. Beats the ones we’ve been getting in other translations or the TV dramas

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Voted. HSDS hands down for me

Legend of the Condor Heroes–first Jin Yong book I read, and it just took its place in history (my brain).